Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The PRs continue: crush those times!

I went out for my hard core lunchtime brick today. The sun was out, winds low at 6-10 mph, and the weather was perfect for a heat monger like me: 81-83 or so. My normal route is a rolling hill 14.7 mile route with only a few stop lights and signs, and a couple of semi-decent climbs. Nothing too serious. The run is a 2.4 mile route with about 1000 total feet of climbing that is great for the transition. I try to do this once a week at least.

Today I rolled out the "chariot of dreams" (aka my tri bike) with the training wheel set and a non-aero helmet. I didn't even use the aero water bottle that lets me stay on the bars. I rocked the ride, got in for a decent (but slightly long) transition, and then shot out for the run.
Last week my times were:
Bike - 44:09 (20.03 mph avg) Run - 17:49 (7m 25s pace)
This weeks times:
Bike - 41:55 (21.04 mph avg) Run - 17.38 (7m 21s pace)

That's right, sports fans! I knocked 2m 14s off my TT on the bike (that's with switching back to regular wheels and non-aero helmet) and a measly 11s off the run. But, I felt better after the run, and could have pushed harder. At any rate, I'm excited about the bike time/pace.

I realize I need to get some more distance in with running and biking, and really need to get in some running speed work. Bricks are quickly becoming my favorite, though; I really feel like I'm pushing myself closer to the limit, and I like that. Better, stronger, faster, more! I haven't lifted in months, other than a couple of low weight/high rep swimming workouts, but I don't really care to build more fast twitch muscles. It's all about endurance, baby! And the less bulk I have to move around, the faster I go. Power to weight over distance.

It's been less than a year since I started biking seriously. I hammered myself last year, though, and the improvements have shown. I did have the benefit of 15 years of exercise and running as a base, however, and that has helped me. This is a new level of intensity for me and I feel great for it. I'm pushing back the hands of time. This ROCKS!


Mendy said...

That's fantastic about your Brick and the hard training you're putting in is showing. It's very motivational seeing how determined you are, and I'm very proud of you. Look forward to Clemson Tri, seeing how well you do!

Gotta Run said...

You are a machine. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Don't you just love it!?!?!

Great brick! You should be thrilled.

Scott said...

Wow....sounds like you are really "busting through"...

So the pink tires really did help, huh?

Jason The Running Man said...

Your the man

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like your training is going really well.

In answer to your question about my training plan, I have built myself from a whole lot of sources including several books and several magazines that I subscribe to. In addition, I meet a lot of people through my tri club, First Wave Tri, including a number of top pros who train here in Phoenix from time to time. I throw all of that together in a blender and mix it with 7 years of competing and try to come up with a plan that will get me to my goals given my current level of fitness. I'm the first to admit that it is as much art as science for me, but that's really part of what make it so fun.

Keep up the training!