Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hello? Anyone home?

Blogland is awfully quiet, so I'll keep this update short. Plus, I think I'm suffering the same kind of affliction that Jess is. Looks like someone has a case of the "Mondays". I need to go to Chotchki's and get some coffee. Wanna come with me?

(Attempted) baseline on bike TT route
14.28 miles in 39:27 @ 21.72mph average

Followed by transition reinforcement .8 mile run in 5:02 @ 6:17/mile pace

Not a significant improvement over the day before, but nutrition, hydration, and rest were absolutely not optimized. Plus, the wind was higher. Anyway, that should be my goal for every TT from now on. The run was good (albeit short), and I felt really strong at the end.

Happy 5th of July, everyone. *blech*


Jess said...

Did you get that memo on the TPS reports?

Wes said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious! Blech!!!

Marcy said...

Yeah, yur Momma is home :P

I guess one of the joys of being a SAHM is that all days are the same *blah* Wake up, run, wrangle the kids, go to bed, repeat. All day everyday baby! So holidays never interfere for me. Sorry about the whole work interference. Damn work!

WTF is TT? ROFLMAO I'm either slow (99% sure that's the case) or I just don't get it.

J~Mom said...

Coffee? Did someone say coffee? LOL

Nice job on your workout!! I was reading about taking those time trials on the bike...sounds scary to me. LOL

It does seem to work for some to drink and blog...I guess just not all. ;>)

Ok, about the bike. I think DH and I have pretty much decided like 99% on the Trek 1000. I am going to wait to hear from bikeman today but even if he can't find me this years model then I am going to get a newer one? Would it be 2008?

New I need to pick out pedals? And shoes? Dude, they gotta be steer me to a good option. I am already spending up all my fun money on the bike.

Ok, to answer your questions--

I won't be a die hard triathlete at any point soon. For now have my eye on one in October and then 2 or 3 next year, all sprint length. I mean there is always the chance to get bit by the bug for longer distances but I don't see the swim part coming along for a while anyway.

I actually am hoping to do a few group rides with one of the local clubs but really my focus long term with the bike will be fitness (and leg thinness). I picture one long ride a week (maybe with a group, maybe not) about 1.5-2 hours long and then 1-2 shorter rides 30-45 minutes. I hope to maintain that schedule as I train for the half marathon in January. So based on that are you thinking the 51 cm would be the better bet?

Neese said...

David I'm glad you are in blogland, even when it's quiet, thanks for your comments :o)

Gotta Run said...

I am here.. but only for a minute. Connection SLOW!!!

Hey I left a message with Mendy about Scott's birthday. Please let me know. Saturday at PF Changs. YUMMMMMMMM!!!! No kiddies though.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I think everyone is on vacation and trying to figure out where to get their workouts least that's the case for me.

Jess said...

okay, gonna tyo carelfuu, sooo um I was hinkign of "office spafe" and I just love the part when he's playin tetris and entin cheetos! gos, I love that,

thogu I;sd say "hi!" Hello!

Jess said...


David said...

LMAO, Jess!!!! Good bowling night?

Nikki said...

LMAO Jess!! Drink much? ;)

David, I appreciate your comments on my blog..and even hanging in there when I took a dive off into the deep end of couch potatoe land. :-X

I'll come for coffe but only if I get to see a blue speedo ;)

Marcy said...

Good call on the Garmin. All my intellectual abilities have gone down the tube due to the 385043584053 repeats of Barney, Backyarigans, and Dora over the years. *sigh* Not the sharpest tool in the shed, oh wait I never was :P

How about serving coffee in the blue Speedo? Now THAT I'd like to see a pic of (and something tells me that it wouldn't be a rare occurrence for Mendy hehe)

Mendy said...

Sounds like Jess was having a good time... :-)

sorry, hun, for the late reply - you know I haven't been online much except for the occasional green link light - and then I have to go to the college website...

Marcy, we watch Little Einsteins about 400 times a day, and that is after we've arrived home for the evening. We have it on auto dvr, so we have about 50 episodes, so we don't get too tired of it.. .but, my goodness - Those einsteins are always getting lost and having Rocket rescue them.

hmmm... serving coffee in the blue speedos - not that's an idea. He is actually thinking of getting another one. He has been wearing that to the Y, and in front of the kiddos... But, I'll make him keep the blue ones so I can get a pic of them for you gals! :-)

Mendy said...

I can't type - meant to say "now that's an idea" above.