Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Little victories

Small victories are great. It's progress! String a few together, and it's improvement. That makes for happy days, indeed. And the super-strong drugs help, too. ;-) I've been improving steadily, and am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Tuesday I went to work with one less bandage on, the one for my right shoulder. Yes, "work": I've been going in for half days, but am only slightly more productive than a paper weight. I wait until I get here to take the first pain pill of the day, so that I can safely drive, and then by about 8:45-9:00 it kicks in, and I'm stoned to the gills. I have a few conversations and try to get stuff done, but become more silly and less coherent until it starts wearing off toward noon. That's when I've been going home, waiting until I'm safely on the sofa to take another one of my happy pills.

Yesterday, I had the sutures in my top lip removed. I could have sworn the ER doc put 7 in, but only 6 came out. Hmmmm... My family doc said that it may pop out later, and to come in if it does. I asked if I could take it out, and he said, "Sure, if you have some sterile instruments at home." I asked if toenail clippers qualified as such, and he nervously laughed while saying that they did indeed NOT qualify. So, at least I'm suture free (as far as we know) at this point. Some of the areas are greatly improved, and the bandages applied are much smaller. My left forearm will not be bandaged after the next scrubbing, leaving my left shoulder, left elbow, right forearm/elbow, right calf.

My leg is what is still very much demanding the pain meds. It is a very bad wound, only now noticeable. It must have been a very smooth one, which is why it didn't initially look too bad. But it is. My nose also hurts from time to time. It is also very deep, but much smaller. It should heal normally, per my Dr., but will be pink for a while and susceptible to sunburn for a long time.

Yes, I'm absolutely freaking out to get back in action! I feel like I haven't exercised in months, and am concerned that I won't be able to recover fully for the rest of the tri season. I've pretty much given up on the race this coming Sunday, though Mendy will be racing. That will let me be the cheering section and take lots of pics. I really hope she enjoys it, and triathlon becomes something we can share. I will certainly keep doing it, but must only be a spectator for now.

I haven't been a good blogger lately: mainly, I've been too doped up to concentrate on anything. Sorry, and hopefully I will be returning to a normal frequency soon. I'm going to try and catch up with some this afternoon, unless a nap attacks me and I am overcome. :-)

One question I had: why are they called cookies? Shouldn't they be bakies?

Thanks again for all the supportive comments, thoughts, healing vibes, and prayers! It's helping a lot!!


emitch1 said...

Sounds like great progress, David! Glad to hear it's going well! I had 11 stitches in my head after coming in contact with a diving board and only 10 came out! I found the last one several weeks later and pulled it out with my fingers. Nothing to it! I look forward to seeing you guys Sunday!

Jess said...

Yes, they should be called bakies, just like a driveway should really be called a parkway, etc. But, it does go to show that you are doped up b/c that's when those thoughts occur. Er, I mean, that's when I imagine they would occur. I've never done, er, drugs, so I wouldn't know.

Anyway...glad that you're feeling better. It'll be a slow recovery, so try to be patient!

J~mom said...

And why does a truck bring a shipment and a boat brings cargo? Hmm...

So glad to hear an update!! Can't wait to hear all about Mendy's race on Sunday! Make sure to take 4000 pics!

Keep on healing!

Marcy said...

Ohhhhh that's a good one Lisa!! Thoughts to ponder, definitely LOL

Don't sweat not being able to be here. This place is the least of your concerns. Just get yourself better!! We'll all still be here when you're ready . . .unless Lisa gets arrested for public lewdness again :P

Thanks for the update!! And take some good pics for us! I'm excited for Mendy ;D ;D I'm sure she'll do fabulously!

Michelle said...

Ahhh, pain meds. I had two c-sections, so I know exactly what you mean about those. I don't think my head was screwed on straight the first two weeks after I delivered my kids.

Hope you keep getting better and are able to get back out there soon!!

I'm adding you and Mendy to my running reads, as you're linked to lots of my other friends in the blogosphere. ;-)

Wes said...

Nice to hear you are healing up nicely, bro! I can tell you, from experience, being the official photog at a tri, ROCKS :-)

Christopher said...

Who cares what they're called? As long as they are hot out of the oven and contain chocolate chips - you can call them whatever you want. I'm just wondering if the question was really just a cry out for cookies? I'll see what I can do.

As for this Sunday, if you think racing is fun, wait till you start cheering! It's like all the fun without the misery ;-)

Get better. G-Man

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Those meds really mess with your head, huh? I hate that feeling of being only partially there. I bet you are itching to get back to the grind, but make sure you give your body plenty of time to heal. I can't wait to hear all about Mendy's tri and see the awesome pics that you take of her!

Jason The Running Man said...

Glad your improving! You'll be back out there before you know it! Please contact me privately if any pain meds are "left over":):)

Gotta Run said...

Drugs in the work place... is that legal?? LOL!!

I like David on drugs so blog away my friend.

I can hardly wait until you are back in the grove again.

Looking forward to cheering Mendy on this weekend. You will be a big help to her.

Nikki said...

I'm really hoping your not doing anything important :p LOL J/K!

I'm really glad your on the mend and able to pitch it at work..albiet not much..but it must do your mind good to get out and be a bit productive. Seen as excercise is out and you are a must be driving you nuts!

I'm excited for you to take pics of Mendy for us! She's going to rock so you better have that high speed lense on and ready!

Heres to some quick healing and better pain meds !

Thinking of you and your family!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Glad to hear that you are on the mend...I never had any doubts. How about that bike, is it on the mend as well?

Surfing the internet all doped up has to be quite a trip.