Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sweet, sweet redemption!

I'd like to thank you all for suffering through my "boo hoo" yesterday. The encouragement and reminders of the reality of recovery help me. I'm happy about a lot of things, but just so discouraged about my cycling performance. I felt like I had erased 9 months of training in a couple of weeks. But something Wes said stuck with me over the last 24 hours:
"we expect you to recover with the same drive, grit, and determination it took you to get there"

I realized that I hadn't got to this point by being mamby pamby, taking the easy road, and short cutting myself. I had gritted my teeth through the tough training, wallowed in the successes, and pushed myself hard...harder than I ever had in my life. Added to that, I feel bad about whining when others are having much more real and significant problems and obstacles in their life (Lori and recently Robin, for example), overcoming them with grace and dignity. I felt pretty stupid and selfish, to be honest.

So, today I decided to run at lunch to see how I'm doing. Nothing spectacular; just my 2.4 mile loop I use for time trial, brick runs, and taper week burner (short super high intensity) runs. My PR for this is 15:00 @ 6:16/mile (July 2nd) and the last time I ran it was July 31st in 15:44 @ 6:34/mile.

Today: 2.4 miles in 15:55 @ 6:38/mile

No wait, 2.4 miles in 15:55 @ 6:38/mile!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy cow, I'm freakin happy! I started thinking about my focus, intensity, and the drive that burned inside me up to August 7th. I found it, and I plan on holding on to it and riding it for all it's worth.

And to me, it's worth a lot! I guess I define myself by my physical capabilities and accomplishments, especially through adversity. I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and I have the artistic capacity of a lawn jockey. What I enjoy is being outside and pushing myself to the limit. I wish I could accurately express how much it drives me, but I guess you can pick up on it by my reactions and moods recently. So this success has made my day. I'm not back to where I was before, but I will be soon. The cautious and smart approach may say to take it easy, but easy isn't in my blood.

How ya like me now, dawgs? ;-)


Scott said...

You 'da man! ! ! !

Holy crap...6:38 ! ! ! per mile? Wow, I think the last time I ran a 6:38 I was exhausted after I got the bathroom. Congrats. The POWER NEVER LEFT....

emitch1 said...

You're a frickin' ROCK STAR!

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Um.....WOW! You were flying!

And no feeling bad about throwing pity parties here and there. Being stuck inside (no matter what the circumstances) is depressing and it does not make for happy campers...especially when those campers crave wind in their face ;)

Jess said...

Look at you! Brand new attitude! Are you back on those pain killers?

Wes said...

Nice run, dude! Since you are off the meds, can I come over :-) I'm feeling a little blue not having a half IM to train for! LOL.

J~mom said...

DUDE!! I can't even drive that fast!! You totally rocked it!! David is back........

Have you seen Music and Lyrics? I can't remember if it has come up or not. DH and I watched it last night and I kept thinking of you and Mendy during the opening part. Aww...the 80s were so great. Maybe we can torture Marcy with this one.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

"I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and I have the artistic capacity of a lawn jockey."


I'm crushed. I thought for sure you were Pablo freaking Piccaso. ;-)

Glad to see you are finally back to your old self. Frankly, the whinny version of you kind of sucks. I'm sure Mendy slapped some sense into you. So go out there and get ur done!

Mendy said...

I love to see you so happy about your training again! I knew when you told me on the phone that your run was going to be good, and it was!

Awesome job David!!

Mendy said...

Lisa, LOVE music and lyrics. David and I did see it - and we saw that video over and over and over - Hugh is a funny guy anyhow, and that video is hilarious.