Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back in the ring

After sitting out the last 2 races of the SCTS season, I have signed up for a local race this weekend. It's a sprint tri, with a deliciously short swim. 300yd water, 20k bike, 5k run. Ah, this is my format! Especially with my state of training. Speaking of which...

I went to the pool today and linked up with a local triathlete friend who was a former competitive swimmer. To say she is fluid and ridiculously fast in the water is an understatement. Anyway, I was able to complete the first HALF of her scheduled workout before *ahem* having to go back to work. Thank goodness for that! In approximately 45 minutes (including rest breaks) we did:

100yd swim
8x25 drills (single arm, catch-up, butt-tap, Tarzan, finger tip drag)
100yd swim
200yd swim
8x25yd alternate 1 drill, 2 swim ( side kick)
3x25yd sidekick switch, single arm
1x25yd swim
100yd swim

Son of a mother, I was whooped after that! I mean, I could have floated through maybe about 1000 more yards, but not with any pace I would have been proud of, and I couldn't have moved much afterwards. As it was, returning to work was like...uh...hard work. I have some catching up to do in the pool, but more over I have a lot of work to do in the off season. Which had me looking forward.

This off season, I am seriously looking toward some horrible weather so that I am forced in to the gym and on the trainer. That was my intention last winter, but the season was so mild that I was never forced off the roads, and cycled all winter. That is one big reason that my cycling was so strong this season, but it is also the reason my training has been off kilter for training structure all year. It's been an 15 month long season so far, and with the good there is some bad showing. But, maybe it works into my plan...

I would like next season to be such that at almost any time from about March on, I'm able to complete a Half IronMan if posed with such. It kinda goes with my personal drive to maintain an elevated level, but others are like that I believe. I see people like Paul that go out and do a 14 mile "recovery" run while injured, and see that this is a realistic goal if properly prepared for.

Anyway, the baby race this Saturday is my first step back to that goal. I hope my mind can pull out all stops, and let my body put the limits. Maybe I'll reward myself with a couple of bacon strips afterward! Hooray racing!


Wes said...

Dude! I love baby races! Have a great time :-) My 1250 meters in the pool yesterday kicked my arse too! LOL...

Marcy said...

YEEE HAWWW!! That is awesome homie!! I'm really glad you're getting back to business. I'm sure you'll do great ;D Don't be too hard on yourself though, k? ;-) And . . .you better do a race report! :P

Bacon strips?!? I thought fo sho you'd say frosty beers :P

Jess said...

Holy cats, that's a great swim! Soon, you'll be a dolphin!

Mmmm, bacon.

BTW, the first 3 letters of the word verification were my initials! I love it when that kinda stuff happens!

Jason The Running Man said...

Have fun this weekend! You'll do great.

Paul said...

That's the perfect race with such a short swim. I'm sure you'll have a blast! Looking forward to the race report. Good luck!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Glad to see your race calendar is back on track. Sprint races may not be the most challenging, but they are certainly the most fun.

Just be sure to scream, "Sparta!!" as you cross the finish line.

Nikki said...

ok now, are you training to be a fish?

Good luck on your mini race (tri) this weekend. Awaiting the results !!!

J~mom said...

I am so excited that you get to race!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Enjoy it!! Will be checking back for your report! Well I will be checking back anyway! :>P

Mendy said...

Yea, super cool you have another race tomorrow. I know you are going to do well in it! Am happy you're back to your PR's again too. How exciting!