Friday, September 28, 2007

Resume mental state of training

Because sometimes I do think I'm mental. Seriously.
This morning I got up super early for a run: 6:20, and out the door about 7 minutes later. Okay, so maybe that's not too early for the truly insane (Robin, Marcy, Jess, I'm talking to you 4:30 weirdos!), but it's a full 40 minutes before I have to wake up, which is the equivalent of paying money to receive hemorrhoids in my opinion. Regardless, I did it (the wakeup, not the 'roids). I had to make up for yesterday, when I skipped my lunch brick to go eat Thai with Mendy. Good trade, but the crazy hot food stuck around and I just wasn't feeling it after work, so I sat around like a turd. Anyway, you morning runners are officially out of your minds! Running early in the morning is like running at night, except the people are more hungover, less awake, and in a bigger hurry. I would like to say my pace suffered due to watching - and occasionally dodging - homicidal commuters. It probably had more to do with being half asleep, empty stomach, and just a touch of erratic pace. I honestly felt like I was going faster than the numbers, though:

4.28 miles in 29:55 @ 6:59/mile

The cool thing was that all day the run seemed like a dream, as if I hadn't actually done it. Weird, and cool. I again skipped my lunch workout, this time to lunch with my mental training mentor, Chris G-Man Giordanelli. The Greek food was great, but didn't compare to the sharing of training ideas, goals, history, fitness philosophy, upcoming race schedules, and some other chit-chat to fill in between talk of running, swimming, and cycling. We talked a bit about the wreck, and Chris shared how he was pleasantly amazed I had missed flying over the edge to the creek below, and how much the whole scene is still very vivid to him. I'm still/again very thankful that he, Clay, Cynthia, and the others were there to help me. Can't imagine if I was alone.

I left again inspired to push harder, break down barriers, and never quit striving for a new dream. I already had it in my mind to do something after work, probably swimming. After checking on Mendy's plans, I decided to ride to the gym to swim. That morphed into swimming and riding. Hmmm, what's left to do after swimming and riding? Might as well do a mini tri! What is wrong with me? Anyway, the stats:

500yd swim in 18:23 @ 1:41/100yd
13.95 mile ride in 41:06 @ 20.36 mph
2.4 mile run: 17:06 @ 7:08/mile

I'm now officially tired. I'm still planning on doing the group ride tomorrow, but I don't plan on setting any land speed records. Plans, schmans!


Wes said...

Hey! I love my plan. Sitting around like a turd is right there in black and white! Multiple days :-)

Have a great weekend!!!

Marcy said...

What?!? How could you not love it? LOL Give it a week, I swear you'll convert. It's sooooo nice not having a stupid workout looming over your head. Yeah ok it's a little creepy and I always run without the mp3 player (paranoid?) so I can hear if someone is breathing down my neck but it's totally a fair trade off ;-)

J~mom said...

I know exactly what you are talking about! Last Saturday at the day went on I as like did I really run or did I dream that I ran? It seemed so foggy after a while.

Sweeeettt little tri action you had going on! Looks like you are totally game on!

Paul said...

Good work on getting up and out in the morning. I can't even get my ass up anymore in the AM. I think I still have some illness remnants dragging me down. I've even taken to swimming in the evening. I'm so not looking forward to winter swimming in the morning. (I know san diego, boo hoo) I'm a major cold wimp.

Those are some speedy training runs! I need to get my mileage back up there.

josslynsmom said...

Good for you for being able to get up that early! I never could do it.

Tiffany said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about how you feel like it was a dreeeeam when you run before the sun comes up. Weird.

I did my last 20 miler- 10 before sunrise, 10 after. And I only felt like I ran 10!!!

OK, that is a lie.

Jess said...

I don't get up that early for runs b/c I like it -- I get up that early out of necessity. By 6 or 7 am, it can be dang hot here!

Mendy said...

I still can't believe you got up that early. You told me that the night before, and I thought "yeah, right". but, you showed me...

That's a great time on the brick you did!!!

emitch1 said...

Early morning runs are an acquired taste. Keep it up and the next thing you know you'll be like the rest of us hyper, 5am'er's! Anytime you want to get Thai food for lunch, call me! Nobody in my family will eat it and I never turn down the opportunity!

Gotta Run said...

Wow... now you are one of the crazy nuts like us!! Welcome to our world!! No turning back now :-).

Loved that your workout turned into a mini tri. now that is making the most of your time!