Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hello, old friend.

It wasn't that long ago that weight training was my friend, but it feels like it has been decades. Monday I initiated the heavy weight training portion of my post season. I knew I was battling muscles adapted to endurance sports, so I didn't plan a long workout. I did single leg press, single leg curls, and seated single calf extensions. My legs today, two days later, are completely destroyed still.

My freakin legs are killing me! Actually, I said this yesterday, and Grace said, "My freakin legs are killing me, too!" Whoops!! Ah, kids...gotta love those little parrots.

Today I did chest, and tomorrow I'll focus on another single muscle group. I'm planning on doing low rep/high weight for a couple of weeks, and then put some structure in it (descending weight/increasing rep or vice versa, etc), and then move into endurance lifting as I transition to base aerobic training.

I have yet to chart next year's races (A, B, and C), but I'm beginning to think that I will incorporate 2 or more "mini-seasons", much like what my friend Chris did for 2007, having distinct late spring and fall seasons in his training and racing efforts. Similar to normal peaking, but perhaps a bit more dramatic and pronounced to benefit from very specialized training. This will be a vast departure from this year's "plan." As Mendy mentioned, we had lunch with Chris, Jason, and a Navy Reserve friend Erik yesterday, and most of the conversation was dedicated to training and racing. Sorry, Erik! Anyway, next year came up a couple of times, and I hope Chris and I can do some winter training together soon.

Speaking of Chris, he competed in the ITU World Duathlon (run, bike, run) Championships on the 21st, and did extremely well! 2nd place in his age group and 6th overall (non-pro athlete). Holy cow!!! Way to go, amigo!

Since I'm going back in time, I'll show you a pic of my little cyclist-in-training. She had such a blast at the park, in spite of the hooligans (child AND adult) that were there. And she did so much better on the bike, pedalling (forward) about 60% of the time - a huge improvement! Here, she's taking a break (the 28th in 50 feet, I think) to drink some water from her pink water bottle.

To Paul and others out in San Diego, I hope you folks stay safe and don't take any chances. I would hate to hear of property loss, but that sure beats injury or death. Take care!


Wes said...

Weight training? That reminds me... :-)

You haven't gotten Grace an aerobottle yet? Tsk, tsk...

Jess said...

At least you said "freakin" legs. If it had come out of my mouth, it would probably have been an expletive. I shudder at the kind of things my future children will repeat.

Mendy said...

Isn't Grace adorable?!!! I wonder how many times I can make you go up and down the steps tonight to make your legs feel better. ;-)

Get all the lifting in for the next few weeks, cause it's training for your first half after that mister!

Eric said...

Great stuff Mendy! I love that wifey attitude! Make him suffer!

David - don't hurt yourself, big boy!

Marcy said...

OMG HOW CUTE!!!! She's gettin her little drink on too! Dude you better watch out, she'll be smokin your butt before you know it.

Gotta Run said...

Grace is just too funny. You better watch your words. Right now I am doing the Saturday Night Live... hands in the air… heyyyyyy. Can you see it? LOL!!

I really look forward to seeing what is in store for you next year. Go ahead and break all those muscles down now. Sleep on the couch for a few days and then try and tackle the stairs. You are getting stronger through all of this pain!!

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Oh yeah, that Grace will be flying by you in no time ;) Train her well!

The weight training plan sounds good. I need to get back into that, too.

Bob Gentile said...

Grace said, "My freakin legs are killing me, too!"
LOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLLOOOOL ahh thats great, little sponges :-)

Good job getting back on the weights!! and love that pic..way to stay hydrated kido !

J~mom said...

Grace is so cute on her bike!!! What a cutie!!!!

I like your plan about mini seasons..I will be watching for more info on that. (ie sending you 2000 questions).

sunshine said...

Watch out world, here comes Grace! She's SOOOOO cute. Makes me want to have one of my own... we'll almost... :)

Congrats on your 5 years of wedded bliss, as well.

Paul said...

Hey man happy anniversary!!!