Thursday, October 4, 2007

Witness the pumpitude! Jah!

It actually felt really great to get back into the gym this afternoon. The weather was crap outside, I was actually looking for a rest from running or cycling, and I hadn't done weights in a long time. Of course, I was reminded why I have stayed away from them almost all season: I inflate like a balloon when I'm lifting consistently. I did make a very conscious effort to reduce weight and crank up the reps, but I honestly could have gone lighter and longer. Benefit of that? Less bulk, and more of an endurance type (slow twitch) work out for getting a hard body. Hard like woodpecker lips. Yeah! (I can almost hear Marcy laughing now). Anyway, the stats:

Exercise--------------------------Sets--------------Reps-------------Wt. (lb)
Lateral pull-downs--------------3------------------20----------------100
Seated row-----------------------3------------------15-----------------100
Straigh arm pressdown-------3------------------20-----------------70
Rope pulldown------------------3------------------15------------------80
Side DB raise-------------------3-------------------15-----------------15
(Done in circuits, one set of each)

The weather had us staying in tonight, and watching the new My Name is Earl and The Office. Man, what great shows! Tomorrow is back in the pool and maybe a nice run after work. Or should I say "nice"? I still think running is the devil.

My best wishes to those racing this weekend (Robin, Jess, Tiff, and the others) and those of you putting out max efforts in the name of fitness. Rock on, my peeps!


Paul said...

Hey David,

those dates sound pretty good. I'm sure I'll be around. I've updated my profile to have an email address. Send me your contact info.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'm with you on the "ballooning." I hit the weights pretty hard last winter and before I knew it, I had 15 pounds of additional muscle and my running coach nearly had a heart attack when he saw me. Not exactly conducive to long distance running. I now lift no more than once per week and keep the weight down. It's hard because I see guys half my size lifting more and thinking they are cool. I have to remind myself that they would last two miles in our world.

Have fun with it!

Bob Gentile said...

weights (sigh))) ya need to do more of that :-)

Thanks for the reminder & that was a great SNL skit -haha

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! HAHAHAHAAA No homie you DID hear me laugh. You know how you get all whacky with giggles and laughter from sleep deprivation? That wasn't some dying cat you heard, it was me laughing from 173982748926427856398 miles away.

Neese said...

David!!!! Yes! we were there!! Had just sat on a bench eating an icecream from Coldstone and headed to B&N to get an Italian phrase book! Oh goodness now that you say this I think I recall a "yell" ohh!! I wish you all would ran and jumped on us! lol was little bit with you all? Would have loved to met everyone!! Too funny you recognized me. Damn and I wasn't having a great hair day lol

J~mom said...

That was from when Saturday Night live was funny! The good old days!

My friend and I were just talking about how we both need to add weights to lose weight and now you are telling me they cause you to bulk up...sigh. LOL

Run for Chocolate said...

How about Michael from the office trying to finish his first 5k? That was funny!

Gotta Run said...

Wasn't the office GREAT!!! I just love it!!

Thanks for the awesome comments. MMTR here I come and this girl has a plan!

Sorry we cpuld not get together last night. We all have to SOON.

Great workout by the way.

Marcy said...

Are you lying to me? ROFLMAO, I can't tell if you're BSing me or not (one too many nachos fogs the brain, I'm sure :P) with he SS thing that is . . . .

I think I know where you're talking . . .kinda by Auburn . .

Jess said...

Too bad you get so muscle-y from lifting weights -- that must be horrible for a man b/c women really hate it when men are muscle-y. Mendy must just hate that.

(I hope the sarcasm is heavy enough here b/c I don't think I could smother you with anymore of it.)