Saturday, November 17, 2007

You're supposed to prepare for a race?

I have nobody to blame but myself. And, certainly, I can't really have high expectations when I do the exact opposite of proper race preparation. I stayed up until 1 AM (-ish), enjoying a few glasses of wine and a couple of cigars. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling on top of my game when I got up this morning.

Okay, the race sucked, and I didn't reach my goal. Something much better resulted from the day, however, since we got to hang out all morning with Neese and her co-worker Wayne, as well as spending some time chatting with the G-Man. I tell you, folks, Neese is one of the sweetest and best natured people you are likely to meet. Grace normally takes a while to warm up to new people, but not her; instantly she grew comfortable and even sat with Neese during the door prizes and awards presentos. Thanks Neese for encouraging me to run today, giving us the chance to finally meet. Mendy and I had a really great time!

After that, we went and had a (quite sinful) lunch at Sticky Fingers. Cheddar fries for an app (about 3K calories each), followed by a beef brisket sandwich for me. We both felt hugely guilty afterwards, and went for a walk around lovely downtown Greenville. A nap was attacking me, so we went up to CT for a jolt of caffeine: "dirty hippie" for me and skinny mocha for Mendy. Ben rocks! I also got some (fairly stern) advice about doing the full marathon in Arizona. I think, as much as it pains me to say this, I really won't consider doing it. Just the half for me. Good thing, because running is the devil!

Then some shopping ensued, and we picked up some running and fitness gear. We ran into Holly and her mom, and chatted for a bit. Hopefully she will hang out with is some while Roby is out of town. Interesting shopping note: Brooks has these neat dayglo yellow running hats with reflective panels and a blinky light on the rear. Pretty sweet! We got matching ones. Time was running out, and Grace wanted fries for dinner. Yep, fries. Since we were in the Shops of Gridlock (as Neese calls it), we opted to go to Red Robin. Due to the guilt from lunch, we opted for healthy meals (salad for me, wrap for Mendy) while Grace tore up a corn dog. Funny thing: didn't eat ONE french fry.

Finally we made it home to watch Clemson play well until they were allowed the opportunity to throw away the game in the 4th quarter like a bunch of ding-dongs. Same as it ever was.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Jess said...

So, where are the race stats? I'm sure you still did awesome.

It's great that you guys got to meet, run and hang out with Neese -- she seemes like exactlyt he sort of person you describe. Great pic with the two of you as well -- you're showin' a lot o' leg, David!

Marcy said...

Do I see leggers?!? It can't be that cold there!! And did that chicken/bird thing run? It has a bib on LMAO!

Awwwhhh I'm so happy that you got to chill with Neese :-) It must be nice having all those running peeps around you guys!

BTW I'm TOTALLY getting you a pair of fishnets for Christmas. You're legs are nicer than mine LOL

P.O.M. said...

Oh sheesh. Sometimes "Training" is over-rated. The fun weekend is what it's all about.

Thinking about Jan. Already signed up for a few other things and still not up to par for running. Dang injuries. But doing the best I can... stay tuned.

Neese said...

first of all, awww... thanks for being so sweet. I adored little Grace, you know by marriage I'm a "grandmother" of three girls, maybe the next time they are over we can invite Grace over too.

I'm sorry I cropped you off my photo I was trying to get a nice close shot of those big ol' turkey eyes. I've been giggling and RB is laughing too, especially about the other photo of Grace in the big shoes.. we needed the laughs.

Have a good week David.

And, I know it wasn't *your* race but nice job gettin' it done and fast!

J~mom said...

I know how awful it feels to miss your goal in the race by no matter how much. But I think it was you that once told me that every race brings us experiences and from these experiences we become better runners. No, maybe that was Chad. He is much wiser after all. LOL j/k It was one of you guys.

You still deserve kudos for getting out and racing and I am sure you totally rocked it!! :>)

I really like that hat and I really need one! Most mornings it's dark now when I start out!

Wes said...

Trying to PR a Turkey Trot is just...wrong :-) But having 3K calories of french fries aftewords is priceless!!

So you gonna upgrade to the full?!?!? Very cool!

Gotta Run said...

So you were Pre-Race Naughty?? Some times the wine is just SO good. Glad that your day turned out good though.

We have that hat and have enjoyed it. You don't even know the light is there. Infact i have returned home and walked around for an hour before Greg told me I was still blinking. LOL!

Paul said...

Hey Man I'm sure it was still good!! I did the same thing before my race. One too many drinks...I think it cost me..Time to get off or on the wagon is it?? Hopefully you'll be able to come out here one of these days... :)

Jason The Running Man said...

Nice pics dude! Lookin' good!

Brian said...

Do as I say, not as I do. LOL

Not every race is an 'A' race, and wine and cigars just adds to the difficulty, this is just extreme training. Next time you race a 'A' race and you free and clear the pollutants just think about how fast you'll be.

Seriously, good blog.


Mendy said...

You had a great race! even though you didn't think of it that way. Just a tad over 20 isn't anything to brush off. I think you did fantastic!!! And it was topped off by meeting up with Neese! What a lovely day we had!

Mendy said...

BTW, even though I just told you on the couch that you're tagged - thought I'd put it in writing.

J~mom said...

HAHAHAHAHA Mendy I love it! I love sending JavaDad emails, it's so funny. It helps the male to remember. ;>)

Ok, David. You are starting to convince me...if I HAVE to do weights for my OLY tri then maybe..just maybe....I really have my heart set on that OLY distance.