Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Those" runs

I really hate "those" runs. You know the ones that just don't turn out as well as you hoped, either in feel, speed, or distance, and sometimes a combination of several. For me, they tend to be very frustrating, and I immediately feel like going back out the door and running again, in an attempt to redeem myself. Not that the results would be much different: the factors that affect a run are built up over days prior to, not just the hours before. I had a couple this week, which could easily be attributable to fatigue from Monday's ride and the cold I'm currently enjoying. Add on top of those the horrid bouncing of Fuel Belt bottles on my back, and unseasonably warm weather (which I'm not used to), and I suppose I can't expect everything to go perfectly. And even if I do, they didn't, so I just have to suck it up and prepare well for next time.

So, I haven't discussed office-isms in a while. I've noted a few lately, since we've had a bunch of folks changing physical locations, changing floors, and general shuffling. There are an alarming number of younger men that have to, when standing at the urinal, bend over and reach for their urine gear because of belly size. I would personally see that as a sign for change; I can't imagine looking down and not being able to see Mr. Happy because of a big ole' meat shelter belly. But I guess that's why I'm me, and they are them. I do always hope that my apparent fitness efforts may inspire some folks around the office.

There's a group of guys that go down every morning to eat breakfast together. The group has grown from 2-3 to now about 6-7 over the past couple of years. A thought occurred to me this morning for a title of these guys: I shall call them Reservoir Dorks (in reference to this being an IT organization, but absolutely without any disrespect to them.)

My environment has shifted 180 degrees with respect to background noise. The lady that sits on the phone all day talking about what her 16 y.o. daughter wears swimming, the cost of wheelchair rental at Dollywood, the level of the water in the lake near her lake house, ice skating, Girl Scout cookies, Tupperware, and all things extremely geeky and technical about mainframe administration, has moved to another floor. My former manager, that used to hold 120db speakerphone conference calls all day, every day, has also moved floors. The two dudes in the next aisle that discussed matters of personal life and laughed very loudly at jokes have moved now. It's like a morgue around here most times now. Except for the residual tinnitus, that is.

Our new departmental Admin Asst has an open-format cubicle right outside the bathroom. I was considering it yesterday, and although it's spacious, I would not like to sit there. With a view of the bathroom doors, and my tendency to people-watch, I would inadvertently start noticing how long people have been in the potty, and label them as poopers or pee-ers. As disturbing as it would be to realize the guys who had just finished dropping a deuce, I would be very very uncomfortable concluding that some of the ladies had just finished pushing some brown. I don't like believing that women do that.

I was doing really well about getting into the Christmas spirit, but 4 days of weather in the mid-70s and sunshine has got me thinking about spring. Probably not all bad, since I should begin making my transition from base building to preseason transition. I will figure out a way to get some swimming and cycling in every week (though cycling is tough with the short daylight hours), while maintaining the running focus for the next couple of months. March isn't far away, and that's the first tri!


Wes said...

Having a big ole beer belly was a primary motivating factor for me to get off my arse and swim, bike, and run. That and the fact that if I had to run from a terrorist, I would like run 100 yards than collapse and die :-)

It's hard to imagine spring is just around the corner when it hasn't even been really cold yet!

Mendy said...

Sometimes I wonder about you... I could so see you watching and seeing how long people have been in the bathroom. If going 2 or 1 is the factor of how long one stays in the bathroom, Grace would be "pushing brown" every single time she goes, since she does like to just sit on the toilet and talk about the decor of the bathrooms.

Hate those kinds of runs, too. You tell me all the time that they make you stronger,and it should give you the urge to go out there and kill it next time.

If you want to Christmas spirit, check out our office! Looks like someone threw up Christmas and Mardi Gras at the same time. Wow!

Marcy said...

OMFG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You forget to account for "that time o the month" That will totally add some time onto a ladies total time spent in the bathroom. Generally speaking I don't think ladies like to take dumps in public places. I'd rather hold it until I got home than do it in an office or McDonald's (OMG could you imagine how nasty) bathroom.

J~mom said...

I seriously LOL at this post!! I would be the same way watching people going in and out. I would also watch to make sure everyone was washing their hands. People are so gross.

J~mom said...

The vodka taper goes up not down. One shot a night this week. Two the next until I am up to four shots a day when you guys get here.

Bob Gentile said...

thanks for the validation for me working from home...when I did work in an office a long time ago, we had some stinking mofos.

Gotta Run said...

I feel like I am watching and OFFICE episode. Great post!! LOL!! Maybe you could write some new material so the strike would end!!

I am with you on the weather. It is December for goodness sake!!

Paul said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Marcy said...

Since I forgot to leave it over on Mendy's blog . . . GOOD LUCK!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO!