Saturday, February 2, 2008

Horray for small races!

So, when I picked up my race packet on Friday, this was the number I pulled out. Obviously for a different race, but please note the race format under the number.

I really didn't feel like getting up, mostly due to the previous week's cold and subsequent lack of training intensity. But, I figured I would go ahead and run it, and see what happened. At the site, I began my ancient poses for race success. (Honestly, they caught me somewhere outside a stretch)

After the race, Grace decided she needed to be carried around for a while, to celebrate her efforts to show up and mooch free food. She was a great cheering section, though. I'm sure her mom helped her focus.
Ah, some Chik-fil-A (supposed to be for the runners) is a nice way to warm up in the cold temps.
I decided to customize my own race number, making it a bit more accurate.
The skinny of it is that it wasn't a PR, and it didn't feel at all comfortable running this race. The hills really spiked my HR. But, it was a very small race, so I came in 9th overall, and 1st in my age group (30-39)!! That was good enough for a $35 gift certificate to a local running store. Glad I showed up, after all.

The search for the elusive 18.xx 5K continues...

I forgot the most important pic of all! Here's proof I actually did an event. :-p


Michelle said...

Dang, great job, David!!!

I love how you personalized your race bib. LOL! They give out bib numbers to previous races at the smaller races around here (mostly the running club races).

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Wow that small race thing really works for ya. It just seems to ensure me that I'll be last. :P Go figure.

Chick-FilA is a favorite with my kiddos too. They would be in heaven if they got it at a race!!

Great work out there!

Marcy said...

YEeee Hawwww!! Dude it ALWAYS works that way! You think you're going to suck, you don't want to do it, and then voila 1st place in your age group ;D ;D Damn running LOL Sweet job homie!!

It actually looks pretty darn cold there. Grace's nose is all red hehe.

Eric said...

Nice race big-boy! Pretty cool considering the sickness and lack of training intensity. I AM watching that training log of yours! Time to step it up,now! Hope to see you soon!


Neese said...

nice job!!!!!!!
that is so weird about the bib

J~Mom said...

Love the race bib! Too funny! AWESOME job dude!!!!!!!!! First in your age group rocks!!! If you play your cards right you could quit your job and travel around to small races making cash every weekend. That would pay the bills, right?

Wes said...

Luv the pic of Grace taking advantage of Ick-Fil-A :-) Anytime you get to run AND win a prize, its a good day!! Well done!!!

Jess said...

I've never eaten Chick-Fil-A. I've seen them, just never eaten in one.

Good job on the race despite not feeling your best. I'm sure your time was still smokin!

Lori said...

Marcy's right...that totally ALWAYS happens to me that I don't feel like doing it and then voila...first in my age group ;)

Pretty sweet way to start the season regardless of how you were feeling!

Marathoner in Training said...

You should have gone with, since you are feeling so strong and wanted to make the race fairer for the other competitors, you put Grace on your shoulders for the race. So you are in the 30 something age group, it is people like you that keep me from winning in our age group.

Mendy said...

Okay, my lack of blogging has resulted in me being the last to post about your race.

I think you did great, David. You know that. I know you want sub-20, but you weren't putting in the speedwork AND you were still battling sickness. Your time was very fast, even for a small race!!

Bob Gentile said...

umm I protest, no way was this post entered on the 2nd?? where the flock have I been??

I thought this was 9 on the 9th post then I figured it out that it wasn't...well I guess congrats anyways--haha

Seriously good job Bro, & love the pics..."I began my ancient poses for race success" LOL the pose pic is classic.

Ok off to another blog the pics made me cold--burrrrr

Paul said...

I'm finally getting around to digging my self out! Congrats on your win!!!

My Life & Running said...

Mmmm k... I haven't been over to your post in ages, sorry for that! :(

Love the pic of Grace snagging some food! And a late congrats on your 1st/9th place finish! Yahoo!

How'd you spend your $35??