Friday, August 15, 2008

A tale of two masters

It's been a successful couple of weeks of training...sort of. My most immediate test is the Greenville Sprint Tri, which is bike-focused. Today I wrapped it up and got all the "hay in the barn" with a 5 mile run, 5 mile ride to the pool, 1000yd swim (sidestroke - I forgot my goggles), and a 5 mile ride home. But in two weeks I will be "enjoying" my third Half Marathon of the year, and I'm woefully behind in distance runs. I've been concentrating so much on short, intense runs and rides, I haven't been doing the distance I need. To be honest, I'm a bit behind on training for the SC Half. I know I can get through the half, and it will be a nice stepping stone training run for me, but I really wanted to PR this and go 1:30 or better. I may have to call my meth dealer to accomplish that.

In other news, I had a great time hanging out with Wes and his son when I went to the Atlanta area recently. I'll be back soon, so I may get another chance. They are good peeps, and if you find yourself spending any time in Atlanta, look up Wes and Dee Dee.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up at the unnatural time of 6-ish to go volunteer at a local kid's tri. Now, I don't mind doing it, but do they really have to start the thing so early? It's not like it's closing down a main thoroughfare; it's on a university campus...on a freakin mid-August!!! Uh, what's the deal, dudes? Maybe they have to clear the place for the lunar observation party at noon. Whatever.

Hope all you freaks have a great weekend, and stay out of jail and the ER. Especially you, Lily!


J~Mom said...

Sounds awesome possum. I think your hard work is going to pay off even if you don't quite have the distance under you.

I don't know why this whole tri thing has to revolve around early mornings at all. I am so cranky with all of the early wake up calls lately. :>O

Have a great weekend and good luck at Greenville!! I will be stalking you and your gal!

Peace out homie D.

Jess said...

Stay out of jail?! David, what do you want me to be? A Saint?

Lily on the Road said...

Oh, I'm so jealous, we had talked about the RnR Virginia Beach so we could get our Bigassed Bling Medals...bcause we did RnR Arizona, oh, kiss the sand for me!!! Wish I was going now!! Next year FOR SURE!!!

LMAO, I didn't see that shout out coming at all!! Thanks, and yes, I'll try to stay out of the slammer and / or the ER!!!

Too funny!!

Have fun with the little are so good to help them out!

Wes said...

Have a great race, bro!!

Kevin said...

Hope you and mendy had a great race

Erin Leigh said...

Hope you had a good race today!!!

Gotta Run said...

You had some strong results in some brutal wether this past weekend. All of you that did the Greenville Tri are 100% hardcore in my book.