Monday, April 30, 2007

Dryer sheets

I have been thinking of this all day, and I can't imagine a more disarming scent. Something about it just gives me the warm fuzzies. I don't know why this could be; perhaps my mind keys in to towels fresh out of the dryer, or a fresh clean bed? Something about it, though.

This morning I got in the elevator up to my floor (hey, back off of me! It's a rest day, so no stairs!) and the person that rode before me must have had a few tucked into their clothes or something. All I could smell was dryer sheets, and I found it quite impossible to be mad at anything. And by the time I get to work in the morning, especially a Monday, I'm usually pretty ticked off from traffic and stuff. So now I've had this on my mind all day, and I guess it's been a pretty decent Monday. Not a bad trade-off.

Makes me wonder if this could be used in war. Outfit our troops with special gas masks, filtering against that soft, pleasant smell. Then B-52 bombers fly overhead releasing ton after ton of dryer sheets, while smaller attack planes go on strafing runs spraying liquid dryer sheet scent into the air. The enemy would become so docile and placid that we could simply ask nicely for them to surrender, and they would comply. And a campfire with marshmallow roasting to celebrate a swift war victory!

I can't wait for tomorrow to start exercising again. This rest crap is making me soft. Stupid dryer sheets!


Mendy said...

I've always said that you have a mind full of useless info, now I think you're crazy too. j/k

Who knew dryer sheets would soften you up some? If only I'd known sooner... You're right - they do smell nice.

Gotta Run said...

wow... who knew you had such a soft side... sissy. :)

Rest day is over. Get to it!!!

Jason The Running Man said...


Scott said...

"DAVID...price check on 'fabric softener'"....

Dude, I think you left your hormones at home.