Sunday, April 29, 2007

What is wrong with me?

So, I did the Langley Pond Sprint Tri yesterday. I didn't push myself beyond the limit, but I did push it. But I was frustrated that I didn't do better, and have been concerned that I'm not training hard or frequently enough. So, today I decided to join the others in the YMCA Clemson Tri Clinic with a brick workout. We were going to ride for 40-50 minutes and then run for about 20-25 minutes. Have I lost my mind? Uh, recover much?

I rode over to the Y, since it's only about 4 miles away. I went out with the fast group, and wound up leading the group for a large portion of it. We went though a couple of challenging sections, but it was interesting to see the wide range of ability and training. At one point, tucked in and nose into the wind, I was cruising along in my own world. I really wasn't hammering it, but turned around and didn't see anyone in the group. Whoops! Anyway, we regrouped and took a different route back. I tried to stay with the group, but it fractured, so I had to get my speed in. :-)

I did help one of the less experienced guys adjust his rear derailleur to help a shifting issue, and got the group doing paceline transitions. I also gave them some on-the-road pointers and advice about technique during the final parts of the ride and the run transition.

Getting back to the Y, we took our time getting ready for the run. I had previously mapped out a 5k route, but forgot a couple of extensions and actually led the guys on a 2.6 mile run in about 19 minutes. Not all did the whole route, but it was a good run.

I'm freakin tired! I don't know what I was thinking, but I'm absolutely taking tomorrow off from exercise. Mendy and I went out for some delicious treats at Mellow Mushroom. Our fav is the Cosmic Karma pie. Didn't eat a bunch, despite being hungry. Oh well, a couple of barley sodas and I'm now ready to slip into a coma for a few hours.

Thanks for listening, and hopefully the next week or two will prepare me better for Clemson.


Gotta Run said...

Recovery has never been your thing. Maybe you will try and add this to your plan every now and then.

What a leader on the brick. Great job! Now rest!!!

Jason The Running Man said...

Your the Man! Sorry I missed yesterdays fun! Had to help the helpless father-in-law! *wink*. I appreciate you sending me the invite! See any good trains lately?:)