Monday, May 28, 2007

Has anyone seen this baby?

She was here for a while, but seems to have disappeared forever. She cried for seemingly no reason (but usually tired or hungry), and couldn't tell us what she needed, but she didn't have the gigantic attitude of this little monster that has moved in:
Don't get me wrong; 2 1/2 is way more fun than 3 months since you can do stuff like play ball, ask them what they want and hope for a reasonable response, and they say the funniest/cutest/most shocking things (parroting what swear words her sailor mother says, usually). It's just the attitude and challenges that come along with it are so...challenging. Anyway, I was folding some impossibly small Dora the Explorer panties today during nap time, and I wondered what happened to the baby that used to live here. She'll be in high school and dating in no time... :-(

In other news, it feels great to be in shape. Today I wanted to get a swim in, and we were pressed for time with the Y's abbreviated schedule, so I was "only" able to do a 1100yd swim. Last winter that would have laid me out for a couple of days, but today is was a quick blast in the pool before lunch and I carried on with the rest of my day as if I had taken a shower. Awesome! No great pace, but at least I got some pool time in, which I sorely need:

1100yd in 19:18, for a 1:45/100yds pace

With no option to rest on my laurels, lest I relinquish my much coveted numero uno age group standing, I will be back at it hard tomorrow. Today was very restful, however. And welcomed!


Mendy said...

Wow! I can't beleive it. She's soo grown up now... That pic of her at 3 mos is so cute! I miss the baby too, but, love the little girl so much!

Today, I "only" did 500yds... you so blow me away on this swimming thing, and the biking, and the running.... wow, that's good for the ego.

Jason The Running Man said...

Just wait...some say raising a child can be like wine...better with age...that may be the case but at 4 years old it's still not aged properly...sassy is the one word I choose to describe my 4 year old. She still has me wrapped though! Gotta love them kids! Shes cutie!

J~Mom said...

I want to know why my baby boy is turning 10 in a week!! Talk about a crime!!!!! He is knocking on the tween door and it breaks my heart. UGH! (I have a 3 year old, 6 year old and a 9 year old)

Anyway, great swim!!

Bob Gentile said...

David Said: She'll be in high school and dating in no time... :-(
ummm Keep working out Bro, she is a cutie and you are going to have to be in shape to chase those HS Boys away!!... I say she can date when she is 25 yrs old, maybe 30 :-)

Marcy said...

Have another one!!! That will change your mind about being sad that they get older LMAO JK! I know what you mean though, they do get big sooooooo fast. I cringe to think of the day when I officially become "uncool" to both of them.

Nice swim!! It's always nice to see progression :)

Gotta Run said...

Grace is nothing but an angel!! Maybe it is time for another little one :).

As for the picture of Greg... he hates to smile in pictures so they pretty much all turn out like that unless I take one without him knowing it. Drives me crazy!!!

Awesome workout! You are smokin' them all.

Wes said...

Time stands still for no man :-) They just keep getting older and older. I have one moved out of the house and getting ready to graduate from college. It's good to see her moving on in her own life, but we will always have those memories.

Ashli said...

I always read your blog. Tonight I decided to comment.

Wait until that precious angel turns four.
Have another? Where is the logic in that? I'm convinced it's why they are so damned cute when they are born. It's the ulimate joke played on parents. Having another would mean that you will have Grace, an older, on the verge of being prepubesent sassier new toddler to take her place as "Number 1 Sassiest Toddler". And a new little blank canvas to soak up everything her big sister does! Just sayin'! ;o)
Can you tell I've contemplated this before?
I do feel you on the dating thing. I figure I'll just buy a nice scope for my rifle...and sit in the bushes and pick little boys off. I really feel it's my a mother. Jason calls me psycho..I prefer to think of myself as proactive. :o)