Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I think I have a case of the "Mondays"

Even though it's Tuesday, and I had a great weekend. I just don't want to be here at all, and can't seem to get my butt in gear. As I'm prone to do, though, I'm noticing the various "office-isms" around me today. Like, how far down the hall does someone need to be that you are okay in not acknowledging them? Not a good friend, but someone that you talked to once near the coffee pot, or saw out in town once and shared a brief "hello." If I'm in a good mood (not having the "Mondays") I stretch it out to maybe 50-75 feet. Today, it's about 10 feet. Just not feeling the workplace chit-chat today. If only the cafeteria had blueberry pancakes this morning like they advertised!

So, I'm leaving the men's room, and notice that once again the habitual bathroom phone guy is in clear violation of the "don't talk to someone on the phone when you are dropping a deuce" rule. I have noted him doing this probably once a week for months. I can't imagine how irritated I would be if I was the person on the other end. I would certainly hang up and tell him to call back after he left the stink room. Am I too sensitive? While I'm on the corporate toilet subject, what is more distracting/disturbing to you as you attempt a twosie:

- Pre-warmed seat (indicating someone just left)
- A stray butt hair still clinging to the seat rim for dear life
- The ass sweat remnants of a difficult or extended movement prior to your arrival
- What appears to be a desperate attempt of a muddy-footed squirrel to avoid being flushed down
- Splatter (you know what I'm talking about)

I hate the pre-warmed seat, but I think the splatter is probably the worst for me. I don't make a habit of cleaning under the seat before I recline, so I will start to fear that there's some dookie spray dangerously close to my nether regions. Not so great.

Sorry if I spoiled any one's lunch, dinner, or even tomorrow's breakfast. Now, on to fitness...

Mendy and I met for our hot date at lunch. The temp was about 80, with winds around 3-5mph. Felt hotter, though, and both of us had to pee. Well, I didn't have to later on, but that's another (self incriminating) story. I still feel beat from this weekend, and am still not caught up on the hydration thing. Funny, the mojitos didn't seem to help in that area. Weird...

800m warm up
2 x 800m @ 2:40 & 2:43
400m recovery between each
4 x 400m @ 1:17 1:17 1:21 1:18
400m recovery between each
4 x 200m @ :32 :32 :32 :33
200m recovery between each
400m cool down

My legs feel like I've had some really deep muscle cramps in them, and they just don't seem to want to cooperate. The 200's were honestly the only thing that felt decent, and that's probably because by the time my legs started to complain it was over.

Stupid running! I'm going back to cycling I think.


Gotta Run said...

Boy you really are having one of those days.

I agree 100% about the need for bathroom manners. What has made us so busy that a person has to talk while they do their business? Just gets me going!!!

Stop your whinning about running. You know you can smoke that same workout any day.

Have a cold one tonight and get back out there tomorrow.

Scott said...

That has to be...WITHOUT A DOUBT...the best blog you have ever written. But you forgot one thing...the "imature" guy that still feels the need to avoid the urinal and as a result...leaves a "leak spot" on the seat. They are out there...there is one in this building.

Jason The Running Man said...

You also forgot about the one guy over there that decides to pull his pants to ankle level when using the urinal...not a pleasent site when entering by the way.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I actually knew a guy at my last job that lost a $200,000 sale because the customer heard a 'flush' over the phone, asked him if he was calling him from the bathroom and promptly hung up and took their business elsewhere. He was fired...and rightly so.

Marcy said...

OMFG HAHAHAAA I'm seriously DYING over here!! That is HILARIOUS!! Let me guess you were totally like "Hey can I use that phone after you?" :P JK You men and your bathrooms.

Looks like a great workout to me!!

Sweet pics BTW LOL

Wes said...

Thanks dude. For a minute there, I had a little trouble swallowing my pizza. But then, I remembered I eat crap on a stick, so everything is OK now :-)

sunshine said...

Found your blog through another one. Sounds like a great workout - those are my favorite kind.

I'm toying with doing a tri, but it's the cycling part that scares me... :)

sunshine said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm now addicted to steepandcheap.com!!! :)