Sunday, May 27, 2007

I really am pleased, I promise

I know it sounds like I'm always whining about not doing well enough as my times improve and I push myself harder and harder. That's part of the way I'm wired: I expect super human results all the time, and will not be satisfied until I'm absolutely maxed out in potential. But, the reality is that I'm pretty darned happy with how far I've come, and realize I've tapped into more potential athletic ability AND actually used more ability than the vast majority of the population that will never even try.

So, that said, I entered today still reeling from yesterday. My muscles were really sore today, all over, which I'm sure is a product (at least in part) of the fairly significant dehydration yesterday. So I set about re-hydrating and eating some healthy food to recover, even though I know full re-hydration will take several days, not hours. Mendy and I went to Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) after church for the supreme salad bar in the universe. I had a killer variety of food, and worked on my 2nd liter of water for the day. We waited FOREVER for Grace to finish her food. What a treat to watch as she pics up one kernel of corn or one green pea, puts it on her spoon, and then eats it...maybe. She may also drop it, and talk about how she dropped it for 30 seconds. Wow, toddlers are fun.

Arriving back home, I still felt well fed, but hoped my food was digested enough to get out on the road. The plan was 8-10 miles at a reasonable pace, but I discounted the effects of the heat coupled with the fully belly and residual effects of yesterday. I checked my shoes - hey, these are way more worn than I recalled! Man, I guess they are coming up on retirement. Drat! Garmin warming up, sunscreen on, last chug of water and kisses for my groupies (Mendy and Grace), and I'm out the door.

Whew, it's hot! I would rather have taken a nap, but I set off with angry music blaring through the ear buds. About 2 miles into it, I wanted to turn around. About 3 miles into it, I decided 8-10 miles was just stupid, and I needed to alter my route. I turned left when I planned to turn right, and basically doubled back on myself the long way. I was never so glad to have a run over! The temps were only about 84 deg with a bout 36% humidity and 4mph winds. Drum roll...

6.64 miles in 50:21, for a 7:35 pace

It really felt much slower than that, and I struggled hard. I was trying to follow the advice of a local running coach and friend at Carolina Triathlon and limiting my stride, looking for a faster cadence and shorter foot contact time, with flatter contact and more even push-off. Sound complicated enough? Yeah, me too! Took me all my available brain power to maintain that style, but it did feel WAY more efficient. Pop, pop, pop, pop... quick little strides and foot rolls. I would recommend it to anyone, and would be more than happy to describe it in more detail if anyone is interested.

Steak, oven fries, Caesar salad, mojitos, wine, and a cigar rounded out the night, along with some great conversation and the comedy show from two alien-speaking toddlers running around the yard. Good times! Yeah, I'm pretty happy, and even pleased with my performance. I think I will do a slow (yeah right) recovery ride tomorrow. I want to get in the pool, but limited hours at the Y may preclude that. Hope you all have an awesome Memorial Day, and remember those that give us these freedoms with their blood.


J~Mom said...

I totally understand what you are saying!

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Hope tomorrow is another fun family day!

Mendy said...

It may have been 84 out there, but, it sure felt hotter. I don't think I would have lasted 3, much less the 6 you did. I hate running middle of the day, but you gotta do what you gotta do, and your pace didn't suffer for the heat and miles you did.

It was a great weekend!

Marcy said...

First paragraph sounds like something I'd hear in my house LOL Except not on a sports level. Good bless Mendy :P Totally kidding!! But I do understand where you're coming from. Nothing wrong with being driven :) Shoot, I could totally use a dose of that.

Looks like a great workout, I would've been crying like a baby in the heat and humidity :P

Thanks for the advice for this week :) I'll give it a whirl!