Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tough brick to finish the week

I skipped Friday, mostly because my schedule didn't really get me to the point where I could squeeze in a workout. I didn't mind because an evil plot was developing in my mind. I was going to do the group ride today, and I had it in my mind to do a little run after. This will probably be my MO for the rest of the season, not wanting to waste an opportunity to sneak in a brick. So, after every ride I plan to run, even if it's short or slow.

The group ride departs at 8AM, and is broken up into A group (speed demons and sickos), B group (fairly fast, but lots of non-fast trying to come up from C), C+ group (sometimes, relaxed but not complete newbies), and C group (noobs, mountain bike riders, and those just out for a leisure ride). I am one of the front guys in the B group right now, which averages around 19-21mph over 35-45 miles, per the pre-ride breakdown from the shop staff. We hammer and then wait for slower dudes to catch up. Fun, but can be annoying if you are waiting at every stop for a long time, stiffening up.

Anyway, it was a great ride at a good pace even including stopping for some downed riders, putzing around at stop signs, and a few tough climbs. Many times we were humming along at 21-26mph for miles on end. Awesome! I wound up logging:

43.36 miles in 2:11:19, for an average of 19.81mph

I get home, kiss the ladies, and switch into some running clothes. I opted for the road bike since I knew there would be hills, so subsequently I wore full-on bike shorts and jersey. Can't run in those! My "transition" took several minutes, so it wasn't really a transition, but rather two back-to-back exercises. Shoes on, Garmin working, Ipod on, glasses and running hat on, I'm out the door.

My brick runs to date have been after a hard 14.7 mile ride, and have been 2-2.4 miles just to get over the hump and push myself a bit more. Today I wanted to go further, to reach into the reserves of my endurance. I went 4 miles on the nose, and it felt tough. The air was hot by this time, and my legs were beat from the sprints and hill climbs on the bike. I managed to do:

4 miles in 29:54, for a 7:29 average pace.

Absolutely not my best, but not bad considering the ride. About half way through the run I was wishing I had blasted 6 hot laps around Donaldson center on my tri bike and ran. Sure would have felt better, and wouldn't have been so beat. I figured later that I lost about 6 lbs of fluids total between the ride and run. Fortunately I consumed 2 24oz bottles on the ride, and inhaled a 32oz Gatorade immediately after the run, which left me still about 2.5 lbs down from the start, which is how I guesstimated the 6 lbs. I'm going to start researching methods of fluid retention and dehydration factors. That really concerned me today.

After that, it was go time for calories! I had a protein smoothie from GNC, went to the running shop, ate some hot chicken strips (Chicken Feathers at Wild Wing Cafe), a frosty Yuengling, big coffee at the tri shop, and a huge bowl of pasta for dinner. Ahhh....

Tomorrow starts a new week; I think it's a run I need. Hopefully get some miles in, since it's steaks tomorrow night accompanied by some high-calorie beverages. Hope the weekend is going as well for all you guys!


Marcy said...

OMFG! Your "Absolutely not my best" running time is probably the best I'll ever get, and I don't even bike before I run LMAO!

Very killer on the workout :) Thank God I'm 1) not a man in your age bracket and 2) don't compete with you LOL

You kill me with this food talk, always making me hungry after I read your blog. kam11604

David said...

LOL, thanks! I guess I should have said absolutely not my best feeling run, since the time wasn't bad, but it was a really tough run for me to complete. But the up side is all the calories burned gives me some latitude to play. :-)

Wes said...

That's what I like... Always figuring out a way to make it happen. It's just not about the time. Is it? Missed my bike yesterday, so I did a run workout followed by a bike. Bring it on. Now, I need to eat :-)

Jason The Running Man said...

Great work man! Awesome ride and way to push through the 4 miles!

Mendy said...

Fantastic, David! For you to ride that hard that distance, and push beyond the normal run afterwards was great! You're doing so well, and I'm so proud of you.

J~Mom said...

I love how you described the A,B and C categories.

Awesome job on your ride!! And great job on the 4 miles afterward! Way to persevere!

J~Mom said...

PS I just meant by the categories that it made me laugh that you called the A group sickos. Too funny. :>)