Sunday, May 20, 2007

Progress! Lake Murray Sprint tri

Last night I was a bit concerned that I was still feeling some fatigue and soreness from Friday's activities. I tried to massage the muscles as best I could and get some sleep. At least I was able to massage some stiffness away; the night terrors remain for me on the eve of an event. I worry if I have forgotten something, dream of being totally confused about the first transition, and starting a run instead of a bike, etc. So, not a great rest Saturday night, but enough I suppose.

We arrive at the race site after weaving our way through the country roads, and they directed us to park up on top of an embankment since the parking lot was full. Uh hello! Can't they see we are in a low-slung sedan? So I eased up the hump and then gassed it hard, spinning the rear tires. I doubt I made my point, but I felt better! :-) Race preps seemed to take forever, and I was concerned I wouldn't get transition set up and my gear ready for the swim in time. No time for warm up by the time I got all my stuff together.

I did manage to get in the water early and at least do some treading water warm up (slow arm arcs, using chest, back, delts, and tris). I lined up in my customary outside spot for the in-water start, and then we were off. The swim went pretty well, and I did feel like I left some back. We were all blinded on the 2nd leg of the swim, going straight into the low-sitting sun. But it was a good swim and I was out of the water almost a full minute faster than last week at Clemson. I can say that this about the race: it was the first one where I tried to think ahead to the next phase much more, and began mentally preparing for the bike during the swim. I think that helped a lot. Stats: 15m30s 750m swim + 1m15s T1 - 93rd overall men

T1 seemed to take forever for some reason. Maybe I was just anticipating the next step too much. Anyway, I was on my bike and getting up to speed. Holy crap, it's chilly! It was about 53 deg, I would estimate. Roughly the same as Paris Island a couple of months ago. My knees felt chilly, and I wish I had put on arm and knee warmers. Oh well, I guess I better just push harder! I started getting my legs, and then started passing people. Several people with REALLY nice bikes and wheels dropped behind me. Then all of a sudden a pack of speedster caught up and passed me. Looks like I found my pace group! I stayed back out of draft range, but kept them in sight. I think one or two motored on, but about 3 of them didn't get away from me, and we all wound up trading the lead for about 10 miles of the race. I thought I was done for in the final 2 miles as 3 dudes passed me, but almost immediately I got my legs once again and started picking them off. At about 1 mile remaining, I went by the last one quite handily and never saw them again. Came screaming into the dismount line, and almost did an endo, but laughed it off and completed T2 fairly well. Stats: 42m 07s 16mile + 53s T2 - 33th overall men

The run started and I felt pretty flat and clumsy. I pushed really hard on the bike, and it was showing. It took over a mile to find a comfortable stride, but until then I felt like I was running backwards. I latched on to a 51yo dude and paced him. The course was small rolling hills, and actually pretty good. I cheered on those that I knew and tried hard to dig deep for that extra effort. With about 1/2 mile to go, I started a small kick, and let it grow as best I could. I made up some time and was feeling good. Had I known how close I was to the next highest finisher at the line, I would have found an extra effort. 5 seconds on the run, and only 4 seconds overall. Man, if that doesn't just kick you where it hurts. Stats: 21m 37s 5k - 69th overall men When the unofficial age group results were posted, I was 6th out of 25, and 48th out of 239 overall males. Wow! I'm getting there, and considering I was 4 seconds behind 5th, I'm making progress. I am starting to think that a longer course may benefit me, as I feel like I could have continued at the paces I had for much further, but getting faster than I currently am is taking time. I guess we'll see in 3 weeks: Festival of Flowers Olympic/International distance tri in Greenwood, SC!

After the awards, we ate a quick bite and headed to the MIL's house (Grandma) where Grace had spent the weekend. She was happy to see us, and I was happy to see her and the fabled hammock they had. After a nap, we ate some homemade tacos and later went home, but this was the best part of the day:Hope you all had a great weekend! I did, for sure. :-)



Marcy said...

Awwwhhhhh if that last picture isn't the sweetest or what?

Great race report!! Whooaaaa 6th is pretty darn good ;D Definitely an even to be proud of! Awesome job!!!

Wes said...

Nicely done, David. and a fitting end to an excellently run race.

Jason The Running Man said...

Dude you smoked it. Great job and congrats on a great race. Awesome job on the run.

Gotta Run said...

I can hardly wait to see what times you pull in your next event. You should try to do some longer events to see if your thoughts are correct. Half Ironman perhaps :). I would bet you are correct and would have time to work out some of the heaviness that follows each transition.

Great Job!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I thought you said you hated the run? Damn, that is one fast 5k time coming off the bike. If that first mile of the run doesn't feel like you are running in sand, you probably didn't ride hard enough on the bike. Great job!

Mendy said...

David, like you already know - I think you did awesome!!! You are getting faster, even though I know you're not where you want to be. It was a fun race to watch as well.

Congrats on easing on up that ladder towards a podium finish!

What a cute pic of you and Grace!!