Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I got stood up

Well, it's Tuesday, and that means a hot date at lunch. I was there, but Mendy decided she would rather mess up her leg in the pool the other day than do track work with me today. It was still a hot date though; it's about a million degrees on the track, hazy sun, and humid as can be. Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. It's about 82 deg, 3-5mph winds, and it feels really humid. Maybe the haze is making it feel worse than it really is.

After taking yesterday off of exercise and enjoying a blistering hot lunch of Thai food (and I'm not joking - I eat it 15 x "Thai hot") with my friend The G-Man, I was extremely aware this morning as all the Thai food left my system. I'm glad it did, because that would not have been fun on the track. I changed clothes, dropped my stuff off at the car, and decided to run to the track as a warm up. About half way there I decided that it was a bit long for a warm up run at about a mile, but it saves the wear and tear on my car by driving such a short distance. I was going to do Chris's recent workout (800x2, 400x4, 200x6), but I decided that may take too long and I just didn't feel up to it, so I cut off the 200s. Here are my times:

.97 mile warm up @ 7:08 (7:19/mile)
800m @ 2:45 (5:24/mile)

400m recovery
800m @ 2:45 (5:29/mile)
400m recovery
400m @ 1:15 (5:11/mile)
400m recovery
400m @ 1:15 (5:08/mile)
400m recovery
400m @ 1:18 (5:30/mile)
400m recovery
400m @ 1:15 (5:15/mile)
.97 mile cool down @ 8:27 (8:42/mile)

Fairly consistent pace, I guess. I wasn't pushing as hard as I could, but rather focusing on heel strike and pushing off with my big toe to even my stride. The variance between same time/different pace laps is probably due to using the Garmin. I'm just too damn fast for the satellites to track! LOL No, seriously, I think the Garmin just skips sometimes and guesstimates the pace based on where you are and how long it took. Not so accurate when you are running in loops.

Anyway, I feel beat now. My 301 shows 813 calories burned, so I need to replenish. Thank goodness I passed on the 200s! Next time I'm going to do a gel before track work. Looking toward tomorrow, I may do a brick or a long swim. Decisions, decisions...



Jason The Running Man said...

Great consistent track work. The air quality today is terrible some of the worst air quality this year. So you didn't exaggerate. It's nasty out there.

Mendy said...

Yea, agreed. I walked out of the gym, and just saw this haziness. I saw it also, when I got out of the car at home. It's everywhere, at least all through Mauldin.

Sorry, I stood you up. You understand! I'll be there next Tues though. Trackwork is great for me, so I don't like missing it.

Such a fast speed session for you! great times, and consistency. You're 800's were the same time, and your 400's only a 3 sec difference, and for 4 of them. I like the 400's better - shorter, but those 800's are so important.

You're doing great!! And, it's nice to have the workouts done for the day!

Marcy said...

Don't worry, she'll make it up to you ;)

LOL I love this "Fairly consistent pace, I guess." like you did bad or something. Pffftttt. Looks like a great workout and FAST too. 800m at 2:45 and my lunch would be all over the place LOL

Good job!

Wes said...

Women are evil like that. Always finding sneaky ways to get out of stuff ;-) Nice job on the speedwork! Killer intervals!!

Gotta Run said...

I have the Garmin 201 and I am just about done using it. The tracking sucks sometimes.

Great track workout!! Mendy would have only distracted you :).

J~Mom said...

Great job on your intervals!! I love burning up the calories like that. :>)