Monday, May 14, 2007

Recovery, in many ways

Man, I felt like a bag full of hammered poop yesterday. All day. Grace woke us up way too early, and I was a touch dehydrated. I barely choked down a (WAY overpriced) steak at a nearby steakhouse for Mommie's day, and then Grace and I were able to enjoy a nap after a quick visit to the store. A bit better, but I think Mendy's suggestion of Mellow Mushroom pizza (and BPD alongside) were the ticket to recovery. Ah, better. But, still not great.

This morning was Black Monday at work. 70+ people got their lay-off notice, 50+ got absorbed into the outsource agreement we are almost 1/2 way into with EDS, about 40 got assigned to our operating companies, and maybe 50 of us (from my level up to senior exec) are retained into the Shared Services organization. Not sure if that had any bearing, but I felt like poo and had a nervous stomach/GI tract today. Oh well, I guess weight loss is good, right? Hydration must happen!

The weather was prime for a post-work ride, so I make plans. Didn't map anything out, but had an idea. I had hoped for a 35+ mile ride, but wound up with a 21+ mile ride. Not a bad distance TT, but I wasn't hammering, and could had held this average pace for much longer. Drat! Oh well, I wound up doing 21.73 miles in 1h 43s, for a 21.47mph average in a hilly route. Not bad, I guess. No aero wheels (Bonty Race Lites) and a non-aero helmet (Giro Transfer), on my tri bike. I'm loving my new 53/42 crank with 175mm arms! These are gonna kick so much booty on the flatter courses coming up.

Tomorrow is gonna be track work, I believe. I may do my old high school track workout of in-and-outs: 800m warm up, 100-100-100-100 sprint/recover intervals, 200-200 sprint/recover intervals, 300-100 sprint/walk interval, and 400 sprint, with a cool down. Man, that always kicked my butt! Maybe I'll do it twice, 'cause I'm an over-driven doofus. :-)



Wes said...

One of these days, I'm going to hit 20 MPH avg on my bike, and I'm going to freakin retire!!! Just kiddin! I am going to crow like a young buck though :-) Did I mention Mellow Mushroom ROCKS? Good stuff! That's a pretty heavy ride the day after a race!

Jason The Running Man said...

Nice recovery ride. Lookin good.

Gotta Run said...

You and Scott crack me up! You both need help.

Although I am NO fan of track work it does have huge benefits. Can't wait to see your standings.

Also, very stressful about the job front. Good thing that you have your training to vent any frustrations.