Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shock and awe!

That was my reaction to what the scale told me this morning. I saw a number I haven't seen in maybe 7 years: 189.0! Last year at this time I was 206-209, depending on how much Mexican food I had eaten. I realize this is not a crazy amount of weight to lose in an entire year, but then again it has been entirely a by-product of a hard core training routine over the past year, so BACK OFF! ;-) Anyway, I figure I'm in the single digits for body fat at this point, and I may have 5 more pounds I could lose without loss of lean body mass. Hooray, me!

Mendy and I met for a hot date at lunch: track work in the 80 deg temps, but there was a "nice" 10-12 mph wind blowing. I opted not to do my old HS track team workout as detailed yesterday since I'm not a sprinter, and instead decided on 800 warm up, 400m x 2, 800 x 2, and 400 x 2, with all runs separated by a single 400m recovery lap. My times were better than estimated on the McMillan Running site, and I wound up with:
400 x 2 @ 4:28/mi & 5:02/mi (1:08 &1:16)
800 x 2 @ 5:54/mi & 6:00/mi (2:58 & 3:01)
400 x 2 @ 5:16/mi & 5:08/mi (1:20 & 1:20)

I would say I was between 7/10ths and 8/10ths pace at all times, and it sucked. But I need it, so I'll be incorporating some speed work in probably once a week. Stupid running! Other than the first 400, my pace was fairly consistent. One nice thing about running on a track is that I can concentrate on my stride and foot strike a lot, in short bursts during high intensity when form usually goes out the window.

Man, I'm HUNGRY! Garmin says 581 calories were burned, but I must have kept burning them after the track session was over. I ate half of a medium thin crust pizza and later a protein shake, but I feel like I could tear up some food right now. I think I will do just that!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the workouts and the race.

You asked about the winds in Phoenix. We don't get winds very often at all, but when we do they are brutal. Mostly, it happens in the spring (Mar-Apr). The Ironman Arizona has been unlucky and had dreadful winds on race-day two out of the last three years. The ironic thing is it was dead-calm the day before and the day after the race.

Marcy said...

Hot date for lunch alright ;) (you naughty naughties) Looks like a great workout!!!

Awesome job on the weight loss!!

Wes said...

Doesn't it feel great! I haven't been in the 180's since Dee Dee and I got married 18 years ago! You are mean triathlete machine. For sure!! Nice speed work. I think I'm going to stick to base workouts until I start prepping for my marathon in September.

Mendy said...

You suck! J/k. those times are crazy, and first time training on a track for speed since your high school days. I'm jealous. But, you're just faster than me, and that's the way it is. Oh well! Really, I'm happy for you, and just keep hitting the track everyweek.

It's a date!

Jason The Running Man said...

EAT..MAN EAT....Geez your wasting away...go find a cheesebuger!

Scott said...

I don't like my "beefcake" that light...I like em "PLUMP".

Seriously...awesome job, man. Keep it up.

By the way, tri-clinic tomorrow night, right?

Gotta Run said...

Stronger everyday!! You are burning some major cals. great way to spend lunch together. Makes having those beers at night a little easier.