Wednesday, June 27, 2007

After the rain..

...washes away the tears

And all the pain

Only after the rain

Can you live again

You'll see the sun appear to light the way

Only after the rain

Can you hope to find true love again

I tried to go swim at lunch today, but the pool was packed with about a thousand kids splashing around, as well as a full compliment of lap swimmers. Drat! I went home instead, made myself a huge salad, and went back to work early. I would have stuck around, but I wanted to justify leaving early today for a brick. I was itching to really crank it out and get a hard workout in. I shut down about 4:30 and hit the door, happy as a school girl (I suppose?) and ready for a...oh no.

Up in the sky! What is it? It's creamed potatoes! It's marshmallow cream! No, it's big friggen clouds bound and determined to derail my exercise plans. Stupid afternoon weather in the South! Since it was nearing rush hour, I opted out of the cycling portion of the brick. I'm not ready to provide my family a heavy life insurance payoff just yet, so no cycling in the rain while everyone is trying to get home.

Next best thing is an intense run, right? So I get the Garmin and Ipod ready, change, and start warming up for the 4.3 mile blast. The clouds were really building at this point, and I hoped I wasn't going to do a lighting rod impression. I took off, and Mr. Garmin had apparently just finished a big fat bowl of crack, since it was showing my pace going up from 9:30 to well over 10, and I was "gettin it" at that point. Oh well, I know the route, so I'll just rely on the timer and HR functions for this run. 4.28 miles in 28:48 @ 6:44/mile

**Note: intense storms apparently affect a Garmin's GPS accuracy**

Near the end of the run I was sweating a good bit, but was surprised that some may have been flinging off my hands and into my face. Upon closer inspection, it was early sprinkles from the big stupid clouds. By the time I got home, it was a steady light rain that was just starting to clear up. I was happy for it, though, because the humidity was making the relatively mild heat (85 deg) pretty oppressive.

I showered, changed, and After the rain we loaded up to go eat some yummy Mexican food, accompanied by a gigantic DosXX. Ah, the running is sooooo worth it after that meal! I do enjoy Wednesdays. Then we went to the car dealership to kick a few tires and touch base with the sales dude. Mendy is looking at (finally) getting rid of her hugely entertaining but completely impractical roadster in favor of a sedan or SUV. No, a minivan is completely out of the question, so don't even bother attempting to sell us on the benefits!

Oh, and don't think for a minute that these stupid damn songs don't get stuck in my head too. But it's worth it to share the B-grade jukebox stuck on "sample" that plays in my head all the time. Enjoy! (and Marcy, I do wear my sunglasses at night. So I can, so I can...keep track of visions in my eyes!)


J~Mom said...

Sweet run!!!! I was thinking I can't touch those times. No, can't touch this. Oh wait, is that a song?

That's word because you know
U can't touch this (oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh) (x2)
Break it down
(Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh) (x4)
Stop Hammer time

Every time you see me that Hammer's just so hype
I'm dope on the floor and I'm magic on the mic
Now why would I ever stop doing this
With others makin' records that just don't hit
I toured around the world from London to the BAY
It's Hammer go Hammer
mc hammer yo hammer and the rest can go and play

Mendy said...

Yea, was very glad you showed up at home last night in your running shoes, not on your bike! I was a little concerned especially with the nutso drivers around our parts.

Yes, can't believe I'm getting rid of the batmobile... ahh.. .the joys and sacrafices of parenthood.

Okay, JMom...
I'll sing along... I know David actually has this song on one of his compilation CD's.. so he IS singing along. Good job! :-)

Wes said...

Nice run! My Garmin 205 is pretty accurate, even with clouds. Which one do you have? SUVs are good for up to two kids :-) This I know....

Marcy said...

Is the Nelson? THANK GOD I don't recognize that song, otherwise it would be embedded into my head :P HAHA! Those dudes would've made some hot chicks LOL

Killer job on the run!! One day I'll run a 6:44 pace (YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH wrong LOL) You actually eat salad? LOL I thought you only ate Thai food, burgers, and beer? :P

You won't catch me trying to convince you to go the minivan route. NO WAY, NOT EVER will I drive one. (Sorry to all the minivan Mommas LOL *cough* Lisa :P) DH always uses that as some kind of punishment "If you don't knock it off, I'll buy you a minivan" LMAO!

Jess said...

Good job on your run, even if the Garmin did wink out on you -- that's the trouble with those gadgets, they can be unreliable.

Gotta Run said...

Thank goodness you are set against a minivan. SOOO not you and Mendy!!

The summer storms are starting to piss me off. Sure we need the rain but ban mother nature just hold off until I get my run in?!?!

Sweet...FAST time on your run.

Scott said...

Is it?...Could it be?...Is that....NELSON?

Marcy said...

Are you BS-ing me? LOL Were they really a punk rock band before? Are you an 80's pop culture trivia master or something? LOL

Wouldn't surprise me. Those girlies were naughty, naughty back in the day. I once saw a small clip of one of their home videos (fun with male groupies anyone? LMAO)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You are worried about a mini van not being cool enough to drive but you have freaking Nelson running through your head? Are you kidding me? We do indeed have a mini van...and I guarentee that Nelson has never been played in it.

Oh ya, great job on the run.