Monday, June 25, 2007

It's not the age, it's the mileage

That's what turns a once sexual powerhouse band like Loverboy (below) to the middle-aged Porsche pilots you see here. That's the bad mileage, though, and the polar opposite of what is driving me these days. I gotta admit, though: they do still look goooooood! LOL

Oh, and I feel just awful that Marcy still has the song stuck in her head. Just AWFUL! ;-)

I did feel guilty about the 5K. Not at the time, but the next day; I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with friends and consuming tasty adult beverages. So, I ran the same area as the 5K was held on...eventually. That was the middle part of my long run, and the hills that adjoin the race course are pretty brutal 6 miles into a run. Still, I had a decent run for the heat and lack of proper hydration, though off my previous pace on the same basic route:

12.73 miles in 1:46:46 @ 8:23/mile
87-90 deg, 1911 calories, 9 lbs gross fluid loss

Friday was a swim almost identical to Thursday, except about 1 second faster...after 1750yds. BIG improvement! *rolls eyes*

Sunday evening we all loaded up and went to Cheeseburger in Paradise, a Jimmy Buffet-themed restaurant with awesome burgers and a nice atmosphere. We both wanted burgers, but didn't want to go too nuts. So, we got the mini burger appetizer which is 4 Krystal/White Castle size burgers, but WAY better! Grace had her own with some fries, and we devoured 1 1/2 each before our delicious food (chicken satays with rice and curry peanut sauce for me). Ah, happy belly...

Today I was still feeling rather dehydrated, so I didn't push too much in the pool. It felt like crap anyway, and I wanted to save something for tonight, for some special plans. (he he he)

1000yds in 16:50 @ 1:41/100yds

Tonight I went over to my friend Jim's house (who is a Pro 1/2 cycle racer and Elite cycling coach) for a full computrainer assessment and fitting. We changed a lot of measurements and settings on the Chariot of Dreams, and I got a great baseline of my performance potential and capability. I was happy with a 244 watt average output during the 10 minute time trial ride (averaging about 22.5 mph), but he said I would likely have seen more power if I kept my cadence about 90 rpms (vs. 105+ rpms), and it is most likely would equate to more efficiency for me. Good to know! I also found out that my right leg is slightly shorter than my left, which explains some things that happen to me when cycling and running, and is probably the only part of this whole paragraph that most of you understand! :-)

Tomorrow is maybe a brick, or maybe track. We'll see. All I really know is that I'm working for the weekend. (you're welcome Marcy)


Marcy said...

ROFLMAO!! The 2 dudes in the front look like 2 over stuffed sausages ready to burst. Wonder what kind of female fan base they're luring in nowadays. (Probably my Mom. Mental picture: super short Asian lady with thick accent singing off tune and dancing with no sense of rhythm. Hot stuff right there LOL)

9lb weight loss ?!? WHoooooaaaa, I need to get on that "diet" Totally kidding! That's insane!! Do you always weigh yourself after workouts?

Great job on the workouts :-) I'm off to download that song (secretly. My husband will probably die of laughter if he catches me listening to it. And I will probably die of embarrassment LOL)

Wes said...

When I make it over to Greenville, I want to visit your cycling friend. Sounds like an expert to me :-) I was wondering why you looked shorter on that side ;-) One of these days I'll have to get a bike computer with cadence. Right now, I'm just using the Garmin. Have fun!!

Mendy said...

You did GREAT on that run, and to include innovation ave (rd. ?) into it. Those are some challenging hills, but I actually enjoy running them. Great workout on the legs. I am planning for my LR this weekend to do that course you did, but not at that pace. I'll die!

J~Mom said...

Add me to the list of people wanting to see your friend...I know I am just a mess on the bike but still trying to get it done. :>)

Great job on your run...holy weight loss...I can't lose that kind of weight in a year let alone one workout. You totally rocked it!

Ugh, Loverboy looks really creepy. LOL

PS I hope you know I was kidding about the slacker report. Just trying to give you a hard time. :>)

Gotta Run said...

SO you skipped a race... slacker :).

I think everyone has at least one race that they change their mind on. It just so happens to be the one that your BIGGEST supporters were coming to!! You owe us some beer!!

Nice way to make it up on Sunday. Sweet miles with an even sweeter pace!!!

Jess said...

"Porsche pilots"! That's great. I'm totally using that.

Neese said...

hahha poor Loverboy

J~Mom said...

Yeah, still using regular shoes on regular pedals. *blushing* Next week the bike is going in the shop to be tuned up and fitted. Hopefully new pedals and shoes...unless...unless...
they have something in my price range to come home with. I need to talk to the guy and see if it makes more sense to do a little work on the bike that I have or to buy a lower end bike. So we will see. I have been waiting for July to get here since I already spent all of DHs hard earned money for June..he he he. I seem to be good at that. Thanks for your help! The more times you come and comment on my blog about how much I need new bike stuff the sooner DH will see the light as well. *wink, wink*


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