Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Festival of Flowers Olympic triathlon pictorial

Last minute bike preps...like some kind of idiot!
I would never have guessed there were actually people behind me after that swim.

Somehow I finally exited T1
This one is especially for Nikki. Just imagine it in a blue speedo... ;-)
Yay, I made up some time!"Hey, how come it's hot all of a sudden?"
Nice view...unless you are running and looking up the wall to the finish line.

Man, was I tired and hot!

What the hell kind of pose was this? I look like the long lost member of the Village People: Spandex Spice

I'm reminded of a quote from a good friend of mine the other night, when asked if he knows anyone who's gay. He said, "No I don't know anyone who's gay. I'm wearing cowboy boots...right now!"

There wasn't any tone or inflection in his comment, or our whole conversation, that was anti-gay, but what he said was absolutely hilarious to me. And by the looks of this picture, maybe he does... :-o

In other news, Mendy and I met at the pool today. It was a nice way to ease back into training, since I'm still kinda recovering from the race. I was struggling with some speed work until a friend from BeginnerTriathlete.com gave me some tips that really paid off. I used her advice before the 4th 200yd sprint, and you can see how much it reversed the trend:

Warmup: 100yd free, 50yd keel,50yd supine kick
200yd @ 2:55
200yd @ 3:02
200yd @ 3:12
200yd @ 3:03
100yd catch up drills
50yd free


Wes said...

Yea, if we ever meet up at a tri, my bike is off limits to you :-) And sure there was people in the water behind you. I see a couple of little old ladies in that picture. And whats up with the spandex? You look cute in it ;-) Now, where ARE my boots.

J~Mom said...

I can't even type I am laughing so hard...not at you at your comments.
Love the pictures!! Watch out because Marcy has been known to print out a few now and then. :>)

Marcy said...

OMFG!!! ROFLMAO HAHAHAHHAAAAA Dude!!! I'm so happy you still have a killer sense of humor even though you thought you were a "concrete donkey" in the water :P I'd TOTALLY be framing that last one!! Very nice, very nice!!! You don't even look tired!! Dang! I'd probably be all over the ground LOL

Oh I do print off pics, BUT Lisa makes me mail them to her because she doesn't have a printer. You should see the scrapbooks she has :-X Lisa with her half truths *rolls eyes* JUST KIDDING!!

You're so going to regret showing Nik that pic! Now I'm going to have to put a leash on her. Don't worry Mendy!! I also have a muzzle just in case she gets too crazy :P

Scott said...

Are you kidding me with that pose?....it looks just like the one I sent you of George Hincapie. You know, they say that people often have the same mannerisms as their "other".

Jason The Running Man said...

Dude great pose! Sexy! Great race by the way I was just a little side tracked by the pose!

Ashli said...

Wow...Spandex Spice is HOT. That's all I'll say..I don't want Mendy to come find me. :oP

Nikki said...

ROFLMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! hahahaaaaa...I'm seriously laughing at your comments! SPANDEX SPICE hahahaaaaaa

That pose reminds me of that dude with the big nose that was in an 80's sitcom with Mork :p

So no hydration pak? do you use gu at least?

Thanks for the sense of humor :)

Marcy will be sad she wont be able to get her muzzle out from under her bed :p

Mendy, suuuuweeeeet man :)