Friday, June 8, 2007

If only every day could be a taper day

*Sigh* Today feels so peaceful and relaxing. Well, besides the vaccination shot I got just after lunch. Mendy and I are at the reserve center today, catching up on some administrative things and whatnot. She had to to her PRT run, and I got to be her pacer/motivator/coach/running partner for it. This is good, because if she weren't here I would likely have gone and done something silly like a long ride or run. With only 2 days until the Festival of Flowers Olympic Triathlon, I can't afford to be off my game. I'll let her talk in detail about the run, but I clocked my run at

1.5 miles in 12:08 at 8:08/mile

It was good to go out and stretch the legs a bit. We came back and decided to keep the fitness train rolling, so we jumped on our bikes and did a lap of Donaldson Center. I wanted to help Mendy focus on shifting and technique to become more efficient, and while she was concentrating on that she wouldn't get to worry so much about traffic...and I get to check out her booty in the bike shots. Yummy!

7.14 miles in 33:55 @ 12.63mph average

Then Mendy surprised me by wanting to do a brick run immediately after. She confirmed right at the end of the ride, so I had my stopwatch ready. As soon as the bikes stop, we were in transition. in a scant 1:51, we were running. Not a world record transition time, but not bad for changing shoes, stowing the helmet and gloves, and getting the running hat and Garmin on. Way to go, Mendy! We had a very short run, but it was just to get a feel for the brick workout. It ended on a pretty good uphill grade, and I could tell the pre-ride banana Mendy ate wasn't working with her. She finished strong, and we had a lot of fun. And we got paid, like pro athletes! (thanks taxpayers ;-) )

.79 mile in 8:49 @ 11:09/mile

Last night I did a tri clinic group ride, which was a lot of fun. I rode there, did a quick run, then went on the ride in sort of a mentor/example/herder role, but got some great feedback on my form, technique, and abilities. The guy leading the ride is a Pro 1/2 racer, and he took me out for a quick lap to see my position and technique. He told me afterwards that I've improved tremendously over the last year, and looked great on the bike, but was a little cramped on the bars. I thanked him, and said I just didn't want to be boring for him. He laughed and said I had actually pushed him much harder than he wanted to go. Cool!

Stats: bike computer error (stupid rider) so no accurate data. ~27 miles in 1:27:54 combined time, with brick run in the middle @ 18.43mph average

It was a good time, and I look forward to helping out with the tri clinic that both Mendy and Scott will attend. Having just started this year, I hope to impart some "newbie" experiences and learning points to the clinic that perhaps more seasoned athletes have forgotten. Anyway, caught a ride home and went through the evening routine with Grace and preps for today. She was a little bear last night, but we survived and hopefully she'll be good for Grandma this weekend.


Jason The Running Man said...

Its awesome that you two can be there pushing each other on! Way to go Mendy!:) Awesome job!

David you're a beast on the bike! You've come such a long way in such a short period of time, great work. Hopefully down the road I'll be fast enough not to bore you and we can ride!

J~Mom said...

I love how you guys support each other! Nice job on the bike! We are all waiting to hear how the PRT went for Mendy. :>)

Gotta Run said...

Can't wait for Mendy's details. I knew she would do a great PTR!!

This taxpayer doesn't mind you doing mad workouts during your drill weekends. Look at the time that you give up with your family to just start right back into work on Monday.

I know....I am such a sweet person.

Wes said...

I like to be aero on the bike with Dee Dee's bootay in front of me too :-) So, there's more to the bike than just pedal, pedal, pedal? Hmmmm. I'll have to give THAT some thought. LOL.

Marcy said...

Awwhhh that's so sweet that you guys are so supportive of each other ;D

"...and I get to check out her booty in the bike shots. Yummy!" ROFLMAO! Spoken like a true gentleman :P Whatever keeps you going, right? ;)

I'm seriously LOL-ing that this is a taper day, totally more then 95% of peeps do.

Nikki said...

I'm with Marcy..TAPER DAY ??? LOL!

Love the booty watching comment!

Great job being a supportive husband!