Wednesday, June 6, 2007

You must wait 30 minutes before entering the pool

I was all pumped to go do a quick swim tonight and then run home (4.5 miles maybe?) from the gym. We ate too late, and I didn't have the right thing: salad with chicken. Man, I just felt slow tonight, even with my marvelous blue zippy shorts. Scott and Robin sure loved them. Anyway, I got out 1000yds, but wasn't feeling it. The lady I was sharing the lane with was all over the place, but she's pretty hot so I'll let it go. When I was done, I really wasn't feeling the run, so I didn't do it. Stats:

1000yd in 16:17 @ 1:38/100yds

What I WAS feeling, however, was a large DosXX and some Mexican food. Yum! Not much else to report for today. Grace and I did enjoy some ice cream on the back porch while taking in the sunset. I really like daddy/daughter times like that. She's pretty sweet, even if a bit rambunctious. I suppose the sugar doesn't help that. LOL


Marcy said...

If you just give them some gin and juice in their cup, it helps combat the sugar high. Makes for a nice quiet evening for you and the wife too :P LOL JK!

sunshine said...

Yeah, us hot women get away with a lot... :)

I still love those daddy/daughter times. They're not as often anymore, but still special!

Scott said...

Forget the "daddy daughter times" and "time with the hot woman in your lane"...Blue speedos - YUMMY ! ! !

Seriously...looks like you had an awesome swim last night. Robin and I watched you for a little while and you were "spanking that water". My swim...wasn't bad...not as fast as you but I had 100m splits in 1:58.

Gotta Run said...

Don't let Scott kid you... he dreamed about you all night :).

Can't believe you did not run home... wimp!! LOL

Gotta Run said...

You have caused Scott to past :)

Nikki said...

LMAO Robin..."he dreamed about you all night" ROFLMAO!!

I keep reading about these new shorts..and yet..still no visual ;)

Marcy, I thought you just used a cage. Now gin too? J/K! LOL!

Great swim!

Mendy said...

OMG! This is just too much! I almost spit my ice out reading these comments.

Thanx for the compliment, baby! Sorry I took up the whole lane, but as fast as you were passing me - you probably never knew I was there.

I had no idea you were struggling while we were in the pool. Funny huh! Like you said, at least we did - and owned up to our disappointments! No excuses....

If you think that time is bad - look at mine. You did almost double what I did in just over a minute more. ahhh... sucks.

I like Marcy's idea - gin and juice!!! too funny... well, since the nyquil (I had to look that word up on google - LOL) doesn't work. j/k.

J~Mom said...

I agree with Nikki. We really need a visual to see what the fuss is about. I am thinking just regular swim shorts. :>)

Jason The Running Man said...

Gotta love those times with your daughter!:)

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO!! Great, now Lisa's turning into a perv! What is wrong with you ladies? Can't a man talk about his Speedos and not have a bunch of salivating ladies get all crazy? :P I swear I can't take them anywhere LOL It's so sad when I have to be the responsible one HAHA!