Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Semper Gumby

It's a good thing that I'm disciplined enough to be on a flexible "plan" that I can reshuffle each week as needed. I'm getting my individual workout goals in, but they are inconsistent on which day of the week I do them. Though some of the modifications are due to moments of stupidity like Sunday's run. My 6 mile journey to idiotville left it's mark on me. Yes, I realize it was a 12 mile run, but it was only 6 there, and 6 back. Duh! Anyway, I've been suffering the last couple of days. Better now than during the race, right?

Yesterday I went to the pool with a full intention of doing a 3 x 500yd race pace swim. I was hating it by the middle of the first one, so I only did 2 x 500yd, with about 100yd warm up and warm down drills. I felt like I had done 5 times that, honestly. Stats:

1st 500yd in 7:55
2nd 500yd in 8:08
1:37/100yd average

Today at work started off okay, then got progressively more ridiculous. I swear I live in Office Space. If you haven't seen the movie, you should. Especially if you work in a cubicle farm. The woman behind me was talking to a friend about how her daughter (a couple of years ago) would not go swimming without wearing underwear under her bathing suit. Meanwhile, in the cube behind her, my manager and a coworker were having the Global IT Security call, and people on the line thought this lady was in the room, and wondered what the hell she was talking about. I had to get up and walk away, wondering what constitutes justifiable homicide.

My plan was to go with the Tuesday night FAST bike ride with the local cycling group. I opted out since my legs are still a tiny bit sore, and I didn't want an injury. Then I had a plan for a 30+ mile bike ride solo, but last minute stupidity and annoyance at the office killed my enthusiasm. I'm going to do the long ride Thursday instead, swim and maybe a brick tomorrow. So, today wound up being a tempo run by default. 10-14mph winds, according to weather reports, but I still had a decent run, with nice quick strides for most of it. Stats:

4.34 miles in 28:56 @ 6:40/mile

I could tell I was still pretty sore, but it felt good to get out there and stretch the legs again. I'm really working hard on a quick and slightly shorter stride, especially for faster (shorter) runs. With this, less heel strike and an attempt at less actual time that the foot is in contact with the pavement. It seems to work well until I start to fatigue, then old habits creep back in with heavy heels and long strides. I'm getting there, though.

Hopefully tomorrow I won't have to go to jail.


J~Mom said...

I was seriously rolling at your description of work! My DH works in a cube and we laughed so hard when we watched Office Space.

Great job on your run! )

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Well you may not have been into the bike or the swim, but that run was hallin'.

I'm with you on cube world. Sometimes I think there must be a camera somewhere and this is all a put-up job. People can't really be that stupid...can they??

Gotta Run said...

What a pace!!! You were almost flying at that speed. Does not sound like wind was even a factor!!

Thanks for the fuel info. I did eat a few boiled potatoes at the race this past Sunday and seemed to like that. It will likely be a keeper for me. Since you know I can not do the gels I will have to just go for food. Yes, I can picture you enjoying a gel right now.... NASTY!!!!!

Funny that you find yourself in the middle of Office Space.... poor guy!!

Wes said...

LOL. Having a con call in a cubicle is a bad idea. To ease sore muscles from running, get IN THE POOL :-) Nice swim, by the way! Excellent race pace. 500 meter repeats are BORING, but learn to luv them now, especially when/if we start training for the longer swims. And a sub-7 minute recovery run is downright insulting! LOL. You rock!!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO!!! Don't worry I think we can all pool in some bail money in case you decide that the AK47 is necessary for work.

Killer job on the workout. I hate you LOL JK!

Mendy said...

Gotta Love Office Space - I know exactly what David is talking about. I used to work there too. Funny! Great swim even though you weren't into it and what a crazy pace on that run. Makes me sick... j/k I'm glad you didn't push yourself on a ride last night - you don't need to make any pains worse going into your first International/Olympic distance tri this weekend.

Gotta Run said...

I have a new take on speedos....... that is all Scott is talking about. He is sweet on you.