Friday, June 15, 2007


Ah, finally it's Friday! I've been swimming a lot this week, and my upper body is tired. It's reflecting in my pace, too. I'm really looking forward to a long ride and long run tomorrow. Just gotta stay hydrated. More on this weeks stats in a minute. First...

So, I was looking at Marcy's blog, and I was intrigued by the celeb look-alike thing. So, I ran mine. Here's what came up:
MyHeritage - share black and white photos with facial recognition technology">
Some of those are pretty damn cool, some are weird, and some I just don't understand (maybe in part because I don't know the "celeb"). And of course I don't have many great pics of myself; I'm allergic to cameras unless I've drank my weight in tequila and/or Jaegermeister already. Then all bets are off! Here's another pic's results:

So, I've been swimming the last couple of days. I want to really push myself beyond simple fatigue to a new level, as far as my swim muscles are concerned. I'm done with the pool for a few days now, having reached my goal of a serious personal effort I believe. Tomorrow is cycling and running, extreme style. I'm not going to commit to it on here yet, but I'm planning on going outside myself a bit. Here's the swim stats for the last couple of days:

Warm up - 50yd free & 50yd catch up
1050yd tempo pace in 17:06 @ 1:38/100yds
Warm down - 25yd supine kick & 25yd catch up

50yd warm up catch up and keel
1500yd tempo pace in 26:05 @ 1:44/100yds

I agree with Chad that it makes no sense at all that I can hold this pace in the pool, and add almost a minute per 100m during a race. I think my mental state isn't right during the races, and I'm not really finding the groove I need to. I have to work on that...a LOT!

Otherwise, I've been wondering where Nikki is. I posted a pic especially for her, and she has been MIA for a week now. Hope all is well.

Best wishes to Chad for the 5k tomorrow, and to all the others doing big training runs, rides, or swims! Later, dudes...


Wes said...

Do you think that maybe it could be the difference between yards and meters? Just asking! I think you most resemble Putin, you stud you :-)

Nikki said...

Did I hear someone call my name? That was kind of you to miss me..i'm in a slump..but I couldn't miss your blue speddo pic! Where did you put it?

I'm going to have to search for it!

Neese said...

best wishes on your saturday workout!

Marcy said...

LMAO I don't even know who some of those celebs are. I can see the resemblance in the last one with Matthew McConaughey. Especially with the eyebrows and nose, but Vladimir Putin? And to have him come up twice. No way!!

Good luck today with the extreme style running and biking!!

Jess said...

Interesting that both times Vladimir Putin comes up...are you secretly a Russian president?

As per the tequila and Jag, oh...just thinking of those two evil drinks makes me vommit a little. Have had WAY too much of both at one time or another and both are strictly off limits. But they certainly do eliminate camera shyness!

Mendy said...

Those are some fun-ny comparisons, Honey. Great times on those workouts. You'll find what motivates you in the OWS's, soon and will podium!

Tiffany said...

Happy Father's Day to the dads out there!!

When are you and Mendy going to grace Charleston with your presence? We can hit Club Havana!

Gotta Run said...

Oh my.... Scott is STILL talking about your "man room"

We had such a great time. Too much beer but still a great time :)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Thanks for the props! I appreciate that...and it was a good race.

josslynsmom said...

That picture is not good arepresentative of your likeness, therefore most of those celebs look nothing like you, silly!