Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time to get off the keister

Okay, so I didn't take an immediate rest day after the race. Instead on Sunday I rode about 22 miles to and around Donaldson Center where the Reserve Center is before I went to drill. I felt tired, but still fairly potent on the bike, and would have liked to go further. Time cut me short, though.

21.99 miles in 1:08:02 @ 19.39mph

Then, in honor of the schedule of the Tour de France, I took a rest day on Monday. It was great! But as those riders ramped back up again Tuesday, I got lazy and took another day off. I felt guilty, lazy, fat, and slow. I'm also starting to feel the beginning of burn out from the season, and a sense of no direction in my training. Time to go nutz and get this thing rolling.

Run at lunch:
4.28 miles in 29:26 @ 6:53/mile

I was actually holding a higher pace, but started to melt down in the last mile. Time to ditch the hat, and maybe try out a visor. It was only 84 deg, but 60% humidity, and I just started to cook with no head ventilation.

Swim after work:
1500yds in 25:00 @ 1:40/100yds

This surprised me! It's absolutely a PR for my 1500yd straight swim, and the consistency is way better, too:
1st 500yd: 8:10 @ 1:38/100yd
2nd 500yd: 8:26 @ 1:41/100yd
3rd 500yd: 8:24 @ 1:41/100yd

Tomorrow I'm planning on a very high intensity brick at lunch, weather permitting. I will concentrate on my hydration and nutrition all morning, and try to really knock this thing out. I figure I'll go mental for about a week of training, and then reign it in to a more controlled and structured level. Kinda shock the body a bit.

Man, it's nice to shake the lazy bug, though. Oh, and if any of you multi-sporters out there have some suggestions on tri shoes, I'm all ears. I like the Sidi T1, but have heard great things about the Shimano TR-02, and read a glowing review of the Nike T-Speed.

One last bright spot: tomorrow is Thursday, aka bowling night, aka Jess's entertainment for all night. Woo Hooo!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I, too, have gone to the visor on the run and like it much better.

As far as tri shoes go, I'm partial to the Adidias Tri Sprints I got. Very stiff for power transfer, light, very comfortable without socks and well ventilated.

Great job on the swim time!

Nikki said...

I felt guilty, lazy, fat, and slow. I'm also starting to feel the beginning of burn out from the season, and a sense of no direction in my training.

Are you sure you weren't sympathetic PMS'ing? :p

Great job "jump starting"!

Your determination and strength are inspiring!

Mom tried decaf once said...

I agree with the Nikster, your determination and strength are amazing!! Seriously..with straight face. No, seriously..I mean that.

I said seriously!

Wes said...

Well, if I don't see those super speedy pool times translate into a super speedy swim in your next race, I'm coming to SC to whip you butt :-) Thanks for reminding me its Bowling Night in Jessland! Woo hoo! Now I'm really excited!! LOL.

Mom tried decaf once said...

Thank you for your advice on bike buying from the internet. :>) I am going to go back to one of the first shops I went to. It has Chad's stamp of approval and I think it will work out great. They have been the place that has been the most helpful through out all of this and they really wanted to help me get on a good bike. At the time I went there though I didn't have a set budget and I was thinking $400-$500 and they were like well for $700 we could put you on this but really we have nothing in that price range. So now that I have expanded my budget a bit and have shopped around I am ready to go back there and buy. Besides, they have a triathlon club that I want to join. He he he. They also do a free fitting like you said and they have a class that I am going to take on how to change a flat. OMG am I really rambling about this. I think I am a tad excited. Thanks for listening. LOL!!!!!

Oh, and today I swam 4300 yards.

Mendy said...

Really sounds like your swim is coming together, and I'm very happy for you!

Jess said...

I'm glad that bowling can provide so much entertainment for everyone, but now I feel so pressured to impress! What if I have a night where I hit the beer lighlty? (What? It could happen!) and I don't produce anything of value on my blog? What then? A revolt?

Marcy said...

You lazy SOB!! I can't believe you took a couple days off!!! What tha hell is wrong with you?!? LOL JK!! Eh I hear you, I don't necessarily have to be running or training, but I do need to do "something" otherwise I feel like a bowl of fatty pudding.

Not too shabby Mister!! PR in the pool is always nice ;D I guess those days off did a little good? hehe

Jess said...

Okay so I did noot hit the berr littlu, bnut I tried. Kinda. I am not much for self restraint. Canyou tel?

Mom tried decaf once said...

Dude! Did you come and see my bike?

Mom tried decaf once said...

Alright buddy..just wanted to make sure you saw her. She has to be a her with her gnarly pink tattoo.

We all miss you and Mendy so hurry back. Marcy is running around with celebrities now and Nikki keeps running in a white tshirt. Whatever that is about.