Monday, July 16, 2007

Tri the Pee Dee pictorial

This is the dirt road that comprised the first and last mile of the bike course. The entire site was the private property of the owner of this house, which was a pretty okay house on a pretty okay piece of the world...with a private lake...small beach...bastards.

The swim exit. Feeling pretty good at this point, and happy about my time...I think. I didn't start my timer correctly, so I had no idea what my actual time was. But it felt good.

This is just about the time I felt like I was going to toss my cookies. No time to dilly dally, though! I decided to work it out on the bike and take my chances.

Back from the bike, time to work on some blisters! Yeah, this was the critical moment when I said, "Nah, socks aren't going to be important on such a short run. Wow, my feet are dirty..."

This picture is incredibly telling, and I'm sure Chad and Wes know what's going on. No, he's not checking out my sweet ass in the Lycra shorts!

What's going on here, as I pass this guy, is he's looking at the number on the back of my right calf. My age group category. He wants to see if I've just knocked him down a notch. Awesome job to Mendy for catching this cool pic.

This was the only drink I got on the run. The next time around they were ill-prepared and the two dudes right in front of me got the only two cups available.

Man, was I glad to have this one over. My feet were killing me, I was hungry, my stomach still didn't feel right, and my whole body ached. It was like a raging hangover, kind of. Made me realize how much effort I put into this one.

By the way, this pic (on the left) is for you Nikki! LOL


Marcy said...

ROFLMAO OMFG NO man, he was totally checkin out your sweet buns. The whole number thing is a disguise.

Honestly the pic where you are bending over by the bike is a much better butt shot from my "butt inspecting" POV. Shows off your curves very nicely :P

Mendy did a great job with the pics ;D ;D Sweet job!! Does this tri count towards that point system thing (that you're in 1st place for) you all have going on (yeah, my tri terminology sucks LOL)

Wes said...

Nice sweat stained ass dude! Oops! I mean, great pics, homey! Seriously! Sorry you felt like such crap during the race, but you persevered through it with an amazing time. The good thing about having to hurl is once you do it, you feel much better.

Lot of good pics in there. Mendy did a fantastic job! On to the next one!!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I love the "you suck!" look on that guy's face as you passed him. Definitely one for the scrapbook.

Mom tried decaf once said...

Those are great pics!! Mendy rocks!! She did better then the paparazzi! Look at your tires...sweet! And I do really mean tires. They look like those super fast tires I have seen at the bike shop. :>p

Jason The Running Man said...

Man kudos to Mendy for snappin that pic! Dude great job guttin that out, you are the man. Go eat a few cheeseburgers!:)

Mendy said...

Yes! Those pics are fantastic. Must be nice to have such a loving, supportive wife that will run to different areas of the venue just to catch a few pics at each station/transition. Wow! You are one lucky guy. :0

Jess said...

Well, clearly, we will need to submit this pictorial to "Playgirl"; I think there would be some appreciative readers!

Seriously though, great pics, and again, congrats on the finish! Looks hard. Makes me tired just looking at it all!

Paul said...

Sweet race report. I found my way here from Chads. Love the pic of you passing that guy!