Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today's word: hyperhydration

a.k.a.: water intoxication or water poisoning

Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_intoxication

Marcy had asked a while back if I weigh myself before and after every run or ride. The truth is that I do try to, mostly because I have become concerned with my fluid weight loss and staying hydrated. And with that, hydrated properly without the risk of killing myself. Seriously! It's common for me to experience a net loss of about 5-6 lbs of fluid (considering approx 3 lbs of fluids consumed during ride) or 3-5 lbs during a 4-6 mile run in the heat (with no intake), or more with a longer run of 10-13 miles. So the immediate reaction is to just blast down a bunch of water, right? Well, we have to ensure the electrolytes are being replenished; they help balance fluid retention, cooling abilities of the body, and maintain proper muscle function. There is a very real and serious danger by either not replenishing them, or drinking so much water that you are essentially displacing the vital electrolytes in your system. As you all know, your heart is a muscle. The fibers are much more refined than skeletal muscles, however: they are smooth muscles that have an incredible amount of endurance for their density and weight. But if you rob them of what it takes to balance function, problems can arise. Please educate yourselves on this nutrition phenomenon, and hydrate appropriately. Steady water intake over long periods (vice blasting down a couple of gallons within a few hours of exercise) along with periodic moderate dose electrolyte replenishment (more so after long and/or particularly sweaty exercise) is what I would recommend to everyone as a base plan. Know your body, know the signs, and know when to stop.

So, other than that, I've been going at a pretty decent pace with the training. Last Thursday I essentially had 4 separate rides: a brick at lunch of 14.25 miles followed by a 2.4 mile run, a ride to the tri clinic of about 9 miles, 11 miles of sprint and coast with the tri clinic "students" trying to assist as many riders as possible and guide traffic, and then about 9 miles home. I was beat! Next day was a difficult 1500yd swim. By the time Saturday came around, I was happy that the group ride fizzled out due to rain: only about 5.25 miles and a lazy day.

Feeling lazy and inspired by the multitudes of people out riding and running (including Mendy's brother and his friend), I decided Sunday was a great day for hill repeats on the bike. I doubt I could have picked a more muggy day, however, especially as the sun came out and liberated all the recent rain from the grass and roads. I did okay, and knocked out 5 sprint repeats up a really steep and hateful climb, and then 2 more up a longer, more steady climb. Could/should have done more, but wanted to get back in case Mendy wanted to do something.

Yesterday was a "rest" day, mainly because Grace was out sick (congestion and boogers), so I couldn't really do anything during the day. After Mendy got home a nice thunderstorm decided to come out and play. Oh well, I guess there's nothing to do but go to Moretti's and get an Italian Flag pizza. Delicious! The guilt from that meal inspired me to do a quick 2.4 mile run at lunch (way off PR, BTW) and the Tuesday night group ride with the local tri/bike shop. We hammered pretty good for most of it, but also had to stop or ride slow many times for people to catch up. Still, a solid 31.5 miles with a lot of sprints, hills, and high speed pace.

I have been needing some bike work of late, so I'm glad to have ramped that up. I am feeling the need for running speedwork and long runs, however. I think about the G-man's pace for long runs and I wonder how it's humanly possible. He has reported holding a ~6:30/mile pace for 13 miles. One day, maybe, I'll be there too. At least I'm not too far off his swim times! :-) By the way, Chris, thanks for the props on your site!

Well folks, that's the high-level view of the last week. I honestly hope that, if you read anything, read and research the hyponatremia information. Especially you freaks living really close to the sun out in Arizona.


Wes said...

One of my friend's coach did six minute miles for 13.1 miles as a warm up to the Xterra season. Insane I tell ya!!

Jess said...

Wow, I felt like that first portion should've been sponsored by NBC's "The More You Know." If you could get a celebrity to repeat it and some clinky-clanky music for the background, I think you could have yourself a job as a PSA writer!

Marcy said...

LMAO Jess!! Yeah David you totally should have done your own bootleg version (in the blue Speedo of course :P)

Sorry about the kiddo, it's always HELL in the house when they get sick. Hope you guys got some sleep.

About those workouts . . . .do you stop to take a breath at all? LOL

Gotta Run said...

So I saw you last night with your cycle friends and you pretended as if you did not know me. My car bumper was almost touching your butt. See you have already forgotten about "us" little people :(

Thanks for all of the info you posted on your blog. We all need to be reminded of the dangers of taking to many fluids in at one time.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Dead on about hyponatremia. The worst part about it is it has the same early symptoms as dehydration and if a medical tent worker isn't up to speed on it, they can actually make things worse by insisting on hydrating. Great post!

Sounds like you really have kicked your cycling in.

Jason The Running Man said...

Nice workouts, you are the man! Staying hydrated is the name of the game!

Neese said...

hope the little boogers clear up from the sweet angel. tell mendy I said hi also hehe, and that the half I'm running is the Spinx Fest in October.

oh, and i hope you are doing well also lol. nice workouts lately!

J~mom said...

Water intoxication scared me when I was training for my first half...living in the desert we are constantly pounding fluids! You gave great advice!

Great job on your workouts this week!

Christopher said...

You're supposed to drink when you workout? You shouldn't be so open with training secrets like that - who knows how fast I can be armed with that kind of information ;-)

Usually, during the cool Summer months here in South Carolina (In South Texas, we called this 'Winter'), I just carry a few of these in my pocket and pop one in my mouth about every 15 minutes...it's right up your alley.

Keep up the good work - I'm looking forward to seeing you at some more races the second half of the year.