Friday, August 3, 2007

Want vs. Need

These days it's pretty tough for me to keep a well-rounded training plan together. What I feel like doing is 2 long rides, 1 intense/group ride, 2 hill repeat rides, and maybe 1 brick per week. That leaves me little time and even less energy to do a long run, tempo run, track work, long swim, and interval swim, as well as the additional bike rides I would like to do. I'm REALLY enjoying riding these days, if you can't tell. Fortunately, Mendy and I are good at accommodating each other. Unfortunately, our schedules are starting to clash a little bit; she pretty much has to do her long runs on Saturday morning for time and temperature considerations, and that's when one of the group rides is. That also leaves me to do my long run either mid-Saturday or -Sunday, or after work during the week. Since my "long" runs are shorter than hers (I'm only training for a the end of a Half Ironman :-) ) I don't mind so much doing them in the hotter hours. I'm also going to have to prepare for that, with the last part of the SC HIM occurring when the sun will be high above, smiling (sneering?) down at me.

So, with some juggling, I think I may be able to figure this thing out and get trained up. I've felt so much benefit from the recent focus on the bicycle: last night I rode to the tri clinic and was blasting up hills. In flats or false-flats I was holding 25-28mph, and I felt so strong. I want that for my run, also. Can't see it happening with the swim, at least for a while, though! LOL I'll just have to be satisfied with being "completitive" at the swim, vice "competitive", and just try not to lose TOO much time. :-)

One thing that I try to remember is a recent article by Chris Carmichael, where he details that if you don't have the time for a long ride or other training session, try turning up the intensity and frequency. While this is good to a point, it certainly won't turn 7 three mile runs in 4 days into a 21 mile run. But, it is helpful to get the muscles moving and stressed to a point that approaches simulation of extended efforts. Finding the balance between length and intensity is important, too. I could do a ton of 1 mile sprints on the bike, but I'd be better off doing a handful of 15 mile 90% effort rides, if what I would like to simulate is a 45-60 mile ride. With running, I can do a few of 4-6 mile runs that will be more beneficial than a bunch of 1-2 mile runs.

In other news, it's FRIDAY!!! Woo hoo, y'all! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Get out there and do something special with family and/or friends. And for goodness sake, be careful.


Marcy said...

LMAO can't tell that someone doesn't like to bike much, huh?

That works out pretty sweet with your and Mendy's runs. Good thinking on the running in the hot weather. God help you LOL JK! Seriously, it's no wonder why you weigh yourself.

Friday. Blah. While it's good for most peeps it's just a regular weekend of DH working and me with domestic duties :P But on the bright side at least this will be the last weekend and I'll be looking forward to TGIF's like the rest of you hehe

J~mom said...

My training is no where near your intensity but I totally understand the struggles of trying to fit it all in. You and Mendy are so awesome to support each other the way you do! I think you should just be like Dean and run and bike all night instead of sleeping.

Gotta Run said...

You comment to my knee pain is right on!! I did ALOT of reading again today and know I need to stay away from hills until this passes. If after one more week I will go visit Dr.Bob. Great ortho doc and I totally trust what he says.

Balance... what is that? Life changes so much these days. You and Mendy will make it all work. I am sure of that!! You always have the midnight hours :)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Wow, I'm amazed you are getting that many rides in. Heading for the Tour next year or something? I'm doing well to get three rides/week in and I have to do at least two of them on a trainer to fit them into my life.

Jason The Running Man said...

Me not a big fan of running in this heat:), be careful and great job with your training!

Tiffany said...

Training in South Carolina summer SUCKS!! I am just a big grouch about it after my 16 miler this morning and the humidity attacking me... and the little crabs all over the running path. Come to think of it... they are kinda cute.

Yall are lucky to have each other as motivation! Are you traveling to Chicago too to cheer us on?? (Notice I threw myself into that muahhahaaa)

Tiffany said...

I hope you don't mind me challenging your wife to a beer/wine drinking contest immediately after finishing Chicago.

I win! I win!