Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So, Mendy and I are in the grocery store last night, and I see Powerade on sale. I grabbed a couple of bottles, but later found another display with more variety, and excitedly changed the bottles I had grabbed for all blue ones. I don't even know what flavor it is, or if I particularly like them. Why did I get these, you ask? Because they will match my tri bike when filling the water bottle on my frame. Yeah, Mendy had the same reaction: "Oh my goodness, that's a little much." My frame is matte black, but the tires, bottle holders, and other items have blue accents. In 5 years nobody will remember how fast I was, but I will look good in pictures. :-)

I made an important scientific discovery yesterday that I need to share: Running in 91-93 deg temps with 43-45% humidity and the sun blazing down without any appreciable breeze is pretty stupid, and freakin hot. Much respect for the Arizona wackos running in that blast furnace. I will admit that my legs were still a bit in recovery mode from the weekend, but I was only able to crank out 3.1 miles, in which I lost 3 lbs of body fluids out my skin pores. Probably should have run a bit slower, though. 3.11 in 20:17 @ 6:31/mile

I had planned to swim after work, but just felt drained. So we went and had some Mexican food, and then came home to hit some golf balls. Mendy just bought some girly girl clubs and wanted to get some practice in. Grace was all about the swing and the slide, so we had to take turns crushing the wiffle balls...all 25 feet they would go no matter how hard you hit them. LOL! We didn't last long, though, with temps still around 90 deg and rising humidity at 8:30 PM.

This morning the radio news dudes said, "Today, the high is going to be at least 100..." Uh, thanks? A bit more specific, please? At 10 AM it's already 90 deg and 48% humidity. Hooray.


Wes said...

Triathlon is all about looking good :-)

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO OMFG!! HAHAHAHHAA From reading the title of the post I thought you were going to talk about Prince's chick in the 80's. Didn't he have one named Vanity? Or a group or something?

Important scientific discovery noted, and I'll be sure to take the advice. I hate running in the "oven"

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

As long as you don't go with the blue socks, you are ok.

The heat is pretty aweful all over right now. I've been spending wayyyy too much time training in doors.

Christopher said...

You are absolutely right, David - running in that kind of heat and humidity is stupid...and, uh, there's no need for you to read my training diary from yesterday ;-)

Oh yeah, and just for the record - it's not how good you are, it's how good you look...I'd stick with the blue Powerade.


J~mom said...

See...we are kinda scary on the same wave length...I was so excited at the bike shop to find a pink bottle holder that is the same color as my pink accents. I didn't even think of buying pink sports drink but I am all over that now. :>)

Arizona wackos, huh? :>0