Wednesday, September 19, 2007

In the name of health!

I was contemplating breakfast this morning: Honey Nut Cheerios, with some skim milk, and about 2/3 cup fat free PLAIN yogurt on top. It made me notice (but not quite question) my dedication to eating healthy things on purpose, at the expense of any sort of flavor. Seriously, fat free PLAIN yogurt is something that I would never wish on anyone as a noticeable ingredient. It would be okay as part of a curry dish, or maybe with a lot of additions for taste, but as a prominent flavor...blech. Still, I eat this stuff, and often.

Now, I'm no monk when it comes to food. I will occasionally be seen eating pancakes, or even scrambled eggs with cheese and ham (gasp!). I enjoy some barley sodas in the evening, or a nice wine. I do eat fairly tasty food for dinner often. Truth be told, I LOVE food. As much as or more than any person I know, and I relish rich and (pleasantly) flavorful foods. I guess I just have a weird suffer gene when it come to choosing meals that really don't matter for flavor, but matter a ton for correct carbs, light texture and food weight, low fat content, and overall health. Does that make me weird? Perhaps just dedicated? I do enjoy great food intensely when I get that kind of treat, perhaps more so due to the "suffering". I don't mind so much.

Anyway, yesterday I did take Robin's advice and layed off the calves after work, having only done a swim at lunch. I did hit the roller a little, and just relaxed. Anyway, stats are:

1500yds in 26:34 @ 1:46/100yds

Not bad, but not what it was. And my endurance was off, as my pace suffered in each successive 500yd split. And it was difficult. I felt beat afterwards.

Today was a new day, and I decided on a brick at lunch. The wind was about 14-16 mph, but I decided to do it anyway. Do race directors stop the wind? Uh, no. So, here was the result:

Bike: 14.23 miles in 40:30 @ 21.08mph avg
Trans: leisurely 1:36
Run: 2.4 miles in 16:56 @ 7:04/mile

My pace was off, probably due to the wind, which likely affected my run also. It was weird, though, since I felt like I was hammering on the bike and hitting higher speeds at the key points on the route that I normally monitor. Hmmm. Oh well, I guess it makes me stronger for next time. I can look forward (with tongue firmly in cheek) to swim drills tomorrow. *sigh*


josslynsmom said...

Goodie, goodie. I get to be the first one to comment. Now the pressure is on to say something witty and eloquent. Hmmm...

I'm out.

I do recall your love of yummy food, though. You poor thing. You must really like being an athlete. Can you at least eat good pizza?

Marcy said...

I'm going to kill this POS Blogger! I just had a nice novel that I wrote and this freekin thing ate it.

And guess what? I can't remember what the heck I just wrote other than . . .

Great workout homie! I can't imagine maintaining 21 mph and outdoors! Aren't you scared? Yeah that would scare me LOL

*praying that it doesn't eat it again or I will have to come back tomorrow morning LOL*

Mendy said...

It was VERY windy yesterday, even though our weather is getting nicer. That definately played into your pace. Doing wonderfully!!

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

You really are doing a great job. And the next time you go out there with no wind, you will be like the Flash ;)

All I could think of while reading about your breakfast is how I really would have just done without the yogurt. Plain yogurt just does not do it for me :P

ws said...

Hi - stopped by from Marcy's blog. Your recovery seems to be going better than hers...That is a great workout. I love your comment about the race directors too. I ran the full marathon in Miami last year and it started with t-storms. Now I know race directors don't stop the rain and I'm prepared for the next marathon since it seems to rain every morning during my runs.

J~mom said...

I know I am late on reading this but somehow I missed it. :>)

Great job on your workout!!

Ugh, I can't eat plain yogurt. I can put fruit in it but otherwise it's a no go for me. LOL