Sunday, November 25, 2007


Tag, I'm it. I don't know who I would tag in return, so I'll just tell you all a few nuggets about me. As such, no need to post the rules I suppose.

1) I was born in South Africa. I left when I was about 3 years old. No, I didn't swim across; I enjoyed the luxury of a transport ship with my family. I haven't been back since, mainly out of fear for being detained for conscription into the military and the ridiculous cost of travel there. I hope to return, but will have no idea where I'm going unless I return with either my brother, father, or somehow locate an uncle that may still live there.

2) I have/had a heart murmur. It doesn't seem to have affected my athletic ability much, but who knows? The last physical I had in 2006, the Doc mentioned that he still heard it. Oh well, I guess I'll keep going until it does something wacky.

3) I came very very close to dying as a child from a major intestinal infection. I didn't gain any weight from about 6 to 14 months old, if I recall what my dad has told me accurately. Apparently I didn't sleep through the night until this was cured, and the first night I did my parents hovered over me all night making sure I was still alive.

4) I enjoy classical music. Seriously! While I listen to mostly rock (classic and modern hard alternative), I will sometimes pop in some Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, or others, and really enjoy it.

5) In the Navy, I was a bomb disposal diver and parachutist. I used to hunt sea mines underwater with a handheld sonar and a big chunk of C4. I was trained in search, identification, and neutralization of all other weapons systems (from hand grenades, to IEDs, to nuclear weapons), but my main focus was underwater disablement/disposal operations. And yes, I can't discuss most of it in much detail. :-)

I did a 4.3 mile recovery run today. The legs felt stiff, which I suppose is expected given Thursday and Friday's runs. Still, the time/pace wasn't too shabby. No PR, and not even close, but a solid run. One thing I'm noticing about winter running: way more laundry produced! I rarely get away with using stuff twice, probably due to how much I sweat when running (gross, huh?), and I can't wash out tights, base layers, and long sleeve running tops in the shower like I could with shorts and a tank in the warmer months. Stupid winter!

We got our Christmas tree tonight, but that will be saved for another post. Hope you all had a great weekend!


Marcy said...

I hear you on number 4. Some classical music is pretty good. I don't know, maybe I've heard one too many of those Baby Einstein CD's :P

You're such a man LMAO! I could never wear the same workout outfit twice . . .ever. But I'm also the sweatiest person the Earth has known *puke*

Wes said...

A parachutist? In the Navy? Really? LOL... In the Polish Navy, they teach the bomb disposal guys to press the little red button :-)

J~mom said...

You reminded me that I need to come up with my 5 things. I keep trying to think of what I have not told you all, LOL.

Javadad loves classical music so maybe the two of you can discuss. Eh, it's ok to me.

Cool list, thanks for sharing1

Gotta Run said...

Reading some of your last few post. I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. It always amazees me at how it makes us stop and see what is most important in this busy world.

you know you don't have to PR all of your runs.... you nut!! Plenty of time left in the shorts. I am not ready for tights either!

Mendy said...

We'll go to South Africa someday!

Good 5 you came up with!

Jess said...

Interesting. Born in South Africa? That's pretty cool. I wish I had been born on another continent.

I had a heart murmur when I was a kid, but it seems to have mended itself with time, because it's no longer there.

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Payton has a murmur, too. The docs have always said it was in a "good" spot, whatever that means. Very cool list!

Eric said...

Yeah, O.K., you may be a stud-muffin RSPDiver that's taller than I am, but I'll take you in one-on-one at the hoop anyday, big-boy!

Giddy Up~

Paul said...

Bomb disposal!?! That sounds waaaay too dangerous... :) Better you than me. :D Cool stuff.

Fian said...

I enjoy classical music too - music was my OTHER major in college. :)

The Navy stuff makes you sound really tough. No wonder you can run and run and run and run ... and run and run and run! Perhaps some day I'll be an Energizer Bunny too!

Take a pic of the tree for us!

josslynsmom said...

That must be a Navy thing to enjoy classical music. One of my friends up here has a fiance that was also a Navy guy and he loves it. Coincidence? I think not.

I thought I already knew a lot about you yet it seems I didn't know much at all. Strange.

Enjoyed reading your blog, as usual!