Saturday, November 24, 2007

A new day

First, I would like to thank everyone for the thoughts, sentiments, and help in remembering my friend. To be sure, things are different now, just as with every loss. But he lives on in memories and reminders. So a sincere thanks in sharing my tribute.

I hope Thanksgiving gave everyone a chance to be with family and share special times and good food. Mendy and I enjoyed family times and lots of fantastic food. Thankfully, it wasn't too much of the latter! For the first year in many, I think we actually stayed ahead of the calories this year. Hopefully we can do the same for Christmas.

On the exercise front, I've been focusing on running, for obvious reasons. Wednesday I rode back to work after lunch in preparation of an after work ride. The weather cooperated nicely (68-70 deg temps, but with 9-12 mph winds), and I got in about 26 miles on an out-and-back, with the return a negative split. I wasn't pushing it, but it was nice to finish strong. Turkey day began with a great 7.38 mile run (per my Garmin) with my friend Chris (G-Man), complete with intermittent drizzle and pleasant temps. Somehow, Chris found a route with more uphill grades than downhills, but we survived. Well, I survived, but I'm sure Chris went out and did a good run or ride afterwards. Thanks Chris!

After the turkey feast, I was feeling very guilty, and went outside to punish myself with 50 "8-count body builders" (a Navy Diver exercise) to burn off some calories. Grace went to grandma's, and Mendy and I got home just in time for a fantastic short ride before dark. It was only 13.5 miles, but we had a great time and capped off the day with some movies, Port, and cheese. Gotta have some dinner, right?

This morning I was thinking of doing a tiny little run to attack some residual calories, since Mendy was going out for a 6-miler. I went a different route, and wound up doing 7.07 miles, running with her for the last 2 miles and finishing at our local coffee joint for some bagels and caffeine, our first calories of the day. I was happy to complete almost 14.5 miles in two days of (evil) running, doing the second half on an empty stomach but with almost the same pace.

Today was the dreaded shopping. I think most of it is done, so I guess it was worth it. I did get a couple of things for myself, and we rounded out the activities with a great dinner at Macaroni Grill and then picking up Grace from grandma's.

And the best part? The weekend is only just beginning! Maybe a swim and some weights tomorrow. Or a bike ride. Or some combination, thereof. Hope you all enjoy the weekend, and finish up the bird leftovers.


Marcy said...

Geez you all are making me feel like a slug :P I don't even want to know how many cals I've consumed these past couple days but I don't think that having 4 plates of food on Turkey Day plus all the leftovers can be that good.

What are you planning for the HM? Are you going crazy or what? LOL

Jess said...

I can't believe you felt "guilty" for turkey day dinner. Sure, it's a lot of food, but it's a like a "freebie" in my mind.

Mendy said...

Ah... what a wonderful weekend and it was so long. At least we did get in some running/biking, so I don't feel too bad. However, those meals have been fantastic!!! Now - time to get back on the healthy eating plan.

You did great with your runs this weekend!

J~mom said...

Nice runs!!!!! I did not do too bad on was last night when we went out for Mexican food. *sigh*