Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's alive! ALIVE!

Sorry for the recent quiet. I'm still reeling over my DNF at the NY Half Marathon...


A few highlights, if you want to call them that:

I got a picture DVD of my friend that included a ton of old pics and some more recent ones. It's put me in a bit of a funk, but I will figure out a way to honor him and will definitely stay active in the lives of his parents.

A few of the runs since I found out have been...unstructured? Basically I've been running angry, which has maybe released some pent up emotion, but wasn't particularly good for training. As silly as it sounds (and sounded as I dissected it in my head at the time), I wondered if I ran hard enough, would I turn back the hands of time, and somehow get a second chance at doing something - anything - to prevent it. I'm still in a lot of shock about what happened, and frustrated that time fleeted and can never be touched again. That sucks!

The painting of the "Man Lair" is just about complete after a long pause. It was the detail painting that was lacking, and I think it's close to done. The lighting is bad in the room (think British pub/pool hall), so some spots get overlooked. Now I just need to get some crown moulding, stain and varnish, and finally install it. The option would be painting detail at the top corner and covering mistakes in dark green with white paint on the ceiling. *blech*

The Christmas tree is now decorated!! Grace put the angel on the top, as well as hanging most of the ornaments. It looks nice, but is notably smaller than last year's tree. That's okay; we'll decorate the rest of the house a bit, and concentrate on the core of the season.

I'm amped to do the Eight on the Eighth virtual race tomorrow (yeah I know tomorrow is the 7th)! I'm taking the afternoon off so I can do it, since Mendy has drill this weekend and I will have Grace all to myself.

I also signed up for a 5k on Dec 15th. This will surely be a better race, and I vow to get more sleep, while drinking less wine and smoking fewer cigars, the night before the Turkey Trot last month! Stay tuned for details...

I'm starting to get a good feeling about the security of my job lately. There was some (plenty) speculation that our group, and the entire US presence of our company, would dissolve in the next year. But reports from senior management seem to suggest that we will again start looking at growing as a business, corporation, and presence in the US. Hooray!

Weight training and running has been haphazard recently, but I will get back on track. I need to get on the bike and back in the pool! The good news is that it will be in the low-mid 70's early next week here, and that can't be a bad thing. Woo hooo!!! Now if only the stupid sun would stay up longer...

That's all for now. I'll catch up with you guys as I can, and sorry for my absence.


Wes said...

It does seem so unfair that we have to suffer here when others move on to better things before we do. *sigh*

Good things here, bro! Keep the positive vibes coming...

Bob Gentile said...

Glad u got the pics to review, it's important as u know to remember the good times... and as u know to does really suck too when we lose a close one.

Have a good virtual run today, I will be ummm at the pool chillin' :-) no literally it's down to the 70's here burrrrrr---lol ok I am actaully loving the weather here. FINALLY got rid of that FL muggy hot ass heat for a bit.

Have a great weekend with Grace!

Marcy said...

That's why you have to do the lottery for the NYC marathon. Redeem yourself!! Just a thought . . . ;-)

Good luck today! Not that you'll need it :P

Jess said...

While angry running may seem detrimental, I think it is far more productive than "angry" drinking, drug use, punching walls, driving, or yelling. At least when you're running angry, you're allowing your anger a posistive outlet. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

J~mom said...

Thanks for all of the updates. Sorry about the angry running, I have been known to do that a time or two and it really does help.

With the writers strike I really need updates more often. :>P