Thursday, March 20, 2008

He swims with the fishes

Though you may expect me to just make a thin reference, but then proclaim how I swam super fast with super fast swimmers, this is not the case. I firmly mean this in the mafia sense, as in I felt mostly dead after swimming drills yesterday. I showed up to the pool and tried my best to talk my way out of them, but my swimming mentor and head, Pam, wasn't having it. You see, Nick and Pam were recently giving me "the business" about my purple line (swim minutes) being very puny and weak. I just wasn't swimming enough, but for some reason was expecting miracles in the pool come race time. Nick and I competed hotly last year in the SCTS races, and is looking strong this year. Pam is just some kind of fish, while trouncing all the other ladies in her age group in biking and running. She's fast. REALLY fast! As I mentioned, I lobied hard to just swim distance. Pam gently twisted my arm, and I was then on a path to certain drowning.
1700 yards, just under an hour, heart rate probably about 327 at times, and these evil little bands that go around your ankles to limit your kick amplitude. I meekly sulked away, proverbial tail between my legs, truly humbled. Pam was, in contrast, doing 3600yds of evil drills in 1.5 hours. Did I mention she's a fish?

To top it off, I have decided to try and incorporate 5 sets of 5 pull ups every day I'm at work (5 days a week, usually), no matter what other exercises I'm doing. This started Tuesday, but was immediately regretted on Wednesday, after the drills. *sigh*

Today was a nice brick. Now this I can handle! I took the bike out and cranked it HARD. I beat my course record by about 30 seconds, and then cranked out a strong run. Unfortunately, I had to guess at the time, and do a little reverse calculations based on estimated start time and bike time. I think I was around 6:46 per mile. Not Paul pace for a brick, by any means, but not bad for this stage of the season for me. And I finished strong with gas in the tank. I'm again hopeful for the long as Pam doesn't kill me in the pool!

In other news, I get to spend Good Friday with Grace tomorrow, since her day care is closed. We are going to sleep in (ahhhhhh!) and then go to the gym. She'll enjoy some child care for a bit while I do some laps (not enough punishment this week?) and then she'll join me for some fun times in the pool. Yay!! Mendy should be showing up to do laps around that time, which should be good.

I'm looking forward to my body adapting to this level of training, but first I'm very much looking forward to a day off. I've had 1 full off day in the last 20, and 2 days off in the last 27. "Stimpy, my friend, I'm BUSHED!"

Oh, and a big shout out to my bro, currently stationed in England. Apparently he's been stalking my blog and keeping tabs on the training. I'm sure he's jealous, since the weather there is absolute poop for outdoor activity 9 months out of the year. Anyway, hi John! Our love to Robin, Lexi, Victoria, and Olivia, too! Hopefully we'll get a chance to get over there and visit for some REAL food. :-)

I'm trying to stay up with the rest of you guys, but time runs short. Looking forward to jogging the CRBR with Mendy and Tiff in a couple of weeks, with lots of pics and fun stories to follow. Eh, I guess I better start running longer distances again, huh? Later, peeps! Catch up wit youze as I can.


Eric said...

Good googly-moogly! 6:46 pace! Smokin FAST! You're looking good on the swim, too! I know you're going to punish Langley Pond! Keep up the hard work!

Eric said...

Good googly-moogly! 6:46 pace! Smokin FAST! You're looking good on the swim, too! I know you're going to punish Langley Pond! Keep up the hard work!

Wes said...

Yea, swim more, but make sure you put your face in the water, you kitten you :-) Enjoy your day with Grace! You are a lucky man (despite only having 2 days off in the last 27 ;-)

Mendy said...

Focusing on more time in the pool is just the medicine you need to have a comeback race, I think. I know that I need to have more time in the pool too. You did GREAT on your brick today and I'm proud of you for kicking it in that hard and with the wind we had!!!

I know you'll do it, but keep up the hard work. It will all pay off.

J~Mom said...

Awesome job on your swim!! I need to work on more drills. I tried to do some form work today during my long swim but it doesn't ever seem to do anything but make me get tired faster and thus slow me down. Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow...I am jealous fo sho!! Or something. Blink, blink, blink.

Lori said...

Apparently, according to TrainerBoy (and I am usually quick to not put any stock in his trade, but my biceps are bulging these days :P) pull-ups are like THE best exercise you can do and if he had his own gym it would be full of pull-up bars :P Whatev!

On a sappy side and Mendy really are the best. I mean that from the bottom of my cold little heart and if I were able to fly you all out here for the little "celebration" coming up next weekend, I would in a heartbeat. Love you guys!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO Dude! I TOTALLY (I swear!! LOL) did not even notice the boner in Ice's pic. I did a quick Google image search and just plastered it up there. Leave it to YOU pervs to notice the wood :P

Oy, thanks for making me feel lazy :P Have fun with Grace today and you all have a great Easter :-)

Lily on the Road said...

Happy Easter, enjoy your time with Grace at the pool. You guys make me tired just reading about all the activities you do...gah, I need to get out on my bike too, but I don't have snow tires!

Have a great family weekend...I'll be thinking of you all while pounding the icy pavement.

Happy Easter!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice swim!!

Marathoner in Training said...

Great job on the swim. I avoid the swimming lately, it is more like controlled drounding.