Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter address to the blognation

I hope everyone rounded out their week nicely, and I wish everyone a wonderful Easter. As I stray briefly from the true meaning, I have a rant.

Peeps are one thing: small, yellow, marshmallow, chick-shaped treats. They aren't purple, pink, bunny-shaped, or anything else. They CERTAINLY aren't snowmen or some other perversion of the original intent. Do not celebrate these other fake "peeps", or you too shall suffer their fate. Embrace the not-from-nature yellow hue, adore the cutesy shape, and cherish the marshmallowey goodness. And, for a special treat, open the package and don't touch them for at least 3 days, but 10 is better. Peeps mature when open to air, and become much more enjoyable when more firm.

Peeps compete closely with strawberry (is there any other?) Twizzlers for the best candy ever! Scooter would agree with me on the Twizzies, though he may have not yet embraced the Peeps. His loss, but probably Jess's gain. Technicolor yellow poopies may not be the best morning greeting for anyone.

That is all, and I bid you a joyous Easter weekend. Just don't slack off too much! ;-)


Eric said...

Frickin' hilarious! Have a great Easter!

Jess said...

I actually hate peeps. I think they're gooey and gross and coated in crunchy sugar. Blech.

Scooter, I'm sure would love to try them, but like you said, that may lead to some weird poop. Those marchmallows might stop a dog up! Although, I might feed one to him just so I can report back on his peep-poop! Ah man, I crack myself up :)

Marcy said...

Ooooo you know I have at least 3 boxes sitting on the counter :-X Although I like em straight out the box, none of that letting them harden nonsense LOL

Hope you guys have a great Easter :-)

Bob Gentile said...

Just Born, Inc. who make PEEPS was one of my accounts back when I worked the Northeast Market....I love those suckers and had a few warm ones right off the assembly line!

PEEPS Factory Tour YUMMY!

Happy Easter Bro!!

Neese said...

hehe Peeps® rule.

Happy Easter :o)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

[burp], what Peeps??

So you covered up your recovery from the death swim by going to the Peeps rant, huh? We still want to know if you can pick your arms up yet or not. ;-)

J~Mom said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!!! I was just telling everyone at Easter lunch today how much I love day old peeps. Every single person said I was nuts. And here you are saying the same thing. Wait..oh crud..that does mean I am nuts!

Hope you guys had a great day today!

nwgdc said...

"hope everyone ROUNDED out nicely"

I sure did. I ate WAYYYYYYY too much food.

Lily on the Road said...

Gah, I've never heard of Peeps, let alone Peeps poop, between you introducing me to Peeps and then Marcy introducing the Kardashians ....where I have I been living? Under a rock obviously, ahahahaha!!!

Glad you had a Nice Easter!!

Mendy said...

Your obsession with these little things is just weird. :-)

Good think you have a ton laying on the counter (with the plastic open). I assume they'll be eaten in a few days.

Ashley said...


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Too funny - I never caught the Peep bug. I think I am not a marshmallowy kind of gal. Gimme solid chocolate bunnies.

Bob's Peep Factory is cracking me up too.