Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You've reached the blog of David...

Please leave your comments, insults, jabs, best wishes, or general chit-chat after the beep.

Where does the time go? I've found it really hard lately to set aside some time to update you all on my comings and goings. Sorry about that, and I hope I still have some interested readers (as much as you were ever "interested")!

First things first: my thanks and highest praise to Wes and Dee Dee for being such awesome hosts and forcing me to walk out on my check at their place. It's not all the time that you get to hang out with great people, stuff your face with hot wings and cold barley sodas, and then be not allowed to pick up your own tab. Thanks guys, you are the best! And Dee Dee: Lisa says hello (from the pic I texted to her).

Things are going pretty well for the fam. The weather certainly is looking better most days, which makes training better. I'm still getting to bed earlier, which is nice. The time change screwed that up, especially since I had drill and had to get up super early (for a Sunday morning, anyway)! I had really hoped to get a nice run in on Saturday, but the weather was like something out of some crazy Northern state! It snowed all morning...yes, in Atlanta...in MARCH! The wind was going at about 12-17 mph, and the temps never really got above 38. I could have ran, but wasn't prepared for those temps and conditions, clothing-wise. So, I did weights and floated in the pool. Much better option! Remember, running is the devil.

I was so glad to be able to get home (averaging 80-85 mph) from Atlanta in time to ride with Mendy and our friend Denine. It was a nice ride day with almost perfect conditions. Mendy did so well, and has come such a long way in a such a short time (considering how little she even rides), and 2 laps was nothing to her. Way to go, Mendy!

And way to go, Lisa, Karen, and Taryn for the awesome 13.1! You guys rocked it AND had fun. What's better than that? And of course to Jess for kicking some booty on the 4 miler. Way to go, speedy!

Today's brick will be the 11th straight day of training, even though Friday and Saturday weren't really hard-core training days. My shoulders are still feeling them, though, especially after the swim session yesterday. I did a nice 500yd, then 5x100yd sprints on 2:30 intervals. Tomorrow will be another swim, with a low-key run on Thursday, then Friday is rest. I'm looking forward to the rest day, for sure!

Well, I'll close out for now. I do have some more things to share, but I'll put them up later. I've been thinking about all of you guys, even if I haven't been blogging or commenting like I should. Take care, and happy Tuesday!

Crap, I missed another blog homie with a great race! Way to go with the HUGE PR, Michelle! That's a huge improvement!!


Wes said...

Welcome... Someday we'll visit you guys, where ever you may be, and you can return the favor :-)

Mendy said...

Finally! Geez.... If I didn't know your schedule lately (fo sho), I'd thought you disowned our blog friends. :-)

Looking forward to meeting Wes and Dee Dee at Langley Pond. Seems like good peeps.

Thanks for the props on the bike ride. It was a nice ride, not bad at all.

Paul said...

I was wondering what happened to you! Are you still coming out here soon? Nice to see you getting in some training still!

Marcy said...

Is this answering machine on? *tap* *tap* Can I start heavy breathing like a pervert now? :P

Dude, glad you're back! We missed you in the Blogger hood!

Laurel said...

You gotta do what you gotta do, frankly, I don't know how you guys train, work, look after kids AND do you national duty, oh yes, and visit people....you're making me tired just thinking about it all.

take care!

Lily on the Road said...

p.s. that was me above under my real name alias...hahahah


Jess said...

Good thing you're back. Now I suppose I should taper off the driving by your house at night...

J~Mom said...

First The Office goes off the air and then you stop blogging! What next?

Thanks for the shout out!

Sounds like your training is rocking! 11 days straight! Geesh, I don't even drink coffee for 11 days straight...oh wait never mind. :>P

Bob Gentile said...

BEEEP: be back later ...off to Atlanta for some wings :-)

Michelle said...

Thanks, David!!!

Eleven straight days of training? Wow!!! Keep it up!!!! I don't think my body would let me do 11 straight days, LOL!

Gotta Run said...

11th straight day of training... now that is insane!! You should really enjoy your friday while you and Mendy are traveling.

FU3 times... get it? Remember this from the tent at the tri Scott and i came to. Crazy.. funny.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh geez, I tried to quit you, but I just can't. hee hee. Nah, glad you're back. It's hard to fit it all in, isn't it? I'm having a rough time balancing it all right now myself. 11 days of training ROCKS but it's also hard to get anything else done. You're hard work will pay off!!

My tri is Tuesday but it's more a dip your toe in the water kinda thang. We'll see if I get hooked! :D