Monday, October 13, 2008

Tidbits and loose ends 2

So, it's been a minute since I last blogged. Not much has happened:

Hartsville Sprint Triathlon - I raced hard in the hot water and super humid conditions. I got first in my age group and 11th overall. It's weird finishing a race that high up, because there's hardly anybody hanging around at the finish. It was a fun race, and trying to have a strong race to honor Mendy's birthday propelled me. I won a SweatVac visor.

I signed up for a stupid full marathon in December. Not sure if I covered this already. I'm stupid.

Our team, TYBRacing, totally dominated the tri series, and we had a blast really getting to know each other better.

Java rocked a metric (+) century ride, and had a great time!

Paul ate up Kona and finished strong! I was so glad to be able to tune into the live streaming and catch his finish across the line. Hopefully he'll be all over the highlights and specials.

Marcy destroyed her first fo really realz marathon. Now she has to trade in her old shirt for a new one.

The sub-19 5K still eludes me, but I think I'm just about there. Time to race shop!

This past weekend I did Hickory Knob Sprint, the final race of the season. I came in 14th overall, and 2nd in my age group. This netted me 2nd overall for my age group for the entire season, which got me a fly poster thingy that said so, which means it's official. So there, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Hope to be heading back out to San Diego in early Nov, and I'll see if I can get an autograph from Kona Paul. At least I'll get some pics.

There's a chance that Mendy and I will be enjoying sides of cheese and Chandler water in a few months, for some little event in Phoenix. Hey Lisa, did you know it's only $35 to upgrade to the full?

I'm sure I missed some milestones and accomplishments, but I honestly haven't been able to catch up with my peeps. Sorry, y'all!

Sorry I've been gone so long, but life has been nutz. Time for the "off season", which means the run-intensive program. Remember how much I like running?


Marcy said...

D Dawg we've been missing you in Bloggyland. Glad to hear all is well and you're still bustin a fast move ;-)

So what does this mean? You're going to do a full marathon in Dec AND in Jan? :P

Phoenix sounds nice ;-)

Marcy said...

And thanks for the shout out too ;D

Wes said...

congratulations on a fantastic year!!

Jess said...

I've been wondering what you and Mendy have been up to!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

...who are you again? ;-)

If you guys come in for PF Changs this year, I'll make sure that I take you guys out to dinner this time. Glad to hear that everything is going well.

...oh, yes, I managed to get back running while you were gone.

J~Mom said... buddy is back!!

Thanks for the shout out homie!!

Oh yeah, there is so much cheese to be had it ain't even funnah!!

^^^Chad said he is PAYING for dinner so now you HAVE to come!