Friday, December 7, 2007

8 on the, 7th

I hate going first! I have no "carrot" to chase, and end up being a big target for everyone. Oh well, fire away:

8.05 miles in 57.26 @ 7:08/mile
m 1 - 6:29
m 2 - 6:47
m 3 - 6:41
m 4 - 7:30
m 5 - 7:22
m 6 - 7:36
m 7 - 7:44
m 8 - 6:58
1235 calories - woo hoo!

I really wasn't feeling a run today at all. My legs felt stiff coming into mile 5, and pretty much stayed that way. The weather was a bit cooler than I would have liked, too (49 °F) but the wind was decent (6-8 mph). I guess it was an okay run for me. Hope you all go knock it out, and do really well!


Nancy said...

Congrats you ARE first, to post anyway. I may have beat you to the finish but only because I took the early start!!

My Lord you are speedy. Nice running when you didn't feel it. See, we got ya out there! :D

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

With times like those you are not much of a target for me. You are way ahead of me by the end of mile one.

Nice job getting it done.

J~Mom said...

I can so beat those times. What were you sleeping?

LOL j/k!!!!!!

You rocked it!!!

My report will be late as tomorrow is packed. But I will run my 8 on the 9th. I was going to try to do it today but DH had to go to work early. Blah. Now I am off to write the exciting conclusion of The Spelling Bee. Clearly I have nothing to do today but this or clean. LOL

J~Mom said...

PS I would love to BUY your pedals from you!!!!!!!

Lori said...

I'm with Java...gonna so smoke you :P

You are so freaking fast that it just amazes me. So, just remember that while you are napping at the finish line of the half-marathon, we will get there at some point :X

Eric said...

I'm going to join in tomorrow...much, much slower though! Dag, ARE fast!


Marcy said...

No homies, I AM SOOOOO going to smoke this time PLUS drinki a keg while running it :P

Dude that is crazy fast!

Bob - said...

Bro did you use a skateboard??

Sweet pace u speedy fkr :-)

Jess said...

Holy moly, Dvid, you are a speedy-mcspeederson! Good job!

Wes said...

Fast as every, homie :-) Way to rock it!!!

Wes said...

Since I did the Rocket Cit-y marathon this weekend, every world I type has an extra Y in it :-)

Gotta Run..... said...

Nice... fast 8!!

Michelle said...

Geez, there's no way in heck I could have run as fast as you!!! I am just happy I finished my eight miles, as it's the first time I have run that far.

Great job, speedy!