Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So, what's happening during the races?

Scott will be happy to know, but sad that he missed, the reappearance of the royal blue man-sling today at the pool. I went into it (the workout, not the suit) with the intent of putting in some distance, so I wanted to ditch the baggy shorts so I didn't tire early. So, I was quite hydrodynamic and snazzy: shaved legs, tiny (tight and see through) training shorts, moderately furry chest, and royal blue swim cap. Yowza! Kinda like a bizarro James Bond. (Ask someone if you don't get that)

I'm a little confused about what happens to my swim pace during races. I'm starting to wonder if I'm just over tense, saving myself unnecessarily for later legs, focusing TOO much on form or steerage such that I slow down, or maybe my form just changes for some unknown reason during an open water swim in a tri. I had a pretty decent (for me) pace today in the pool, for MUCH longer than any tri I've done to date. I can't say it's due to my zippy get-up, since I've been wearing a wetsuit in the OWS and that should make me even faster, theoretically. At the Lake Murray tri on Sunday, I was out of the water from a 750m swim in about 15:12, for a pace of 2:02/100m, or 1:51/100yds. Today's workout:

2000yds in 34:09 at 1:42/100yds
- 1st 1000yd in 17:23 at 1:44/100yds
- 3rd 500yd in 8:59 at 1:48/100yds
- 4th 500yd in 7:45 at 1:33/100yds

Well, whatever it is, I need to figure it out. If I can have the pace from today during the next tri, and maintain my bike and run, I'll be VERY close to a podium finish.

In other news, Mendy's swimming is improving nicely, and I got to meet Pam, who is a regular both on, and the South Carolina Tri Series. Funny, we've probably seen her a dozen times, as she's a lifeguard at the Y. We got some tips on our technique and generally shot the breeze about the tri series and training in our area. It was neat to meet her, and it will be great seeing her and her husband at upcoming races.

Tomorrow is a high intensity brick workout at lunch, and after work we get to meet up with our fitness consultant/coach at the Y to check our progress in the last 12 weeks. Friday is still undecided, but I may swim drills/sprints and run after work. We'll see, and you'll find out!


Wes said...

Wetsuits help you glide easier through the water, for sure, but they are a little restrictive on the arm movement. In the pool, you get to push off from the wall. I personally try to avoid as much push off as I can. It makes a big difference, especially the longer you swim. I did my first 500 meters in 8:47 today, for a 1:45 per 100 meter lap time. In open water... ahemmmm. I would probably drown! LOL.

David said...

That would make perfect sense, except the wetsuit I used is sleeveless to reduce restriction, and my pool technique incorporates a relaxed turn, with no kick-turn and very little push off. I purposely do that to try and simulate constant open water swim vs. pool laps. But those points had concerned me early on, thanks!

Marcy said...

All hail to you! Any man who will shave his legs for the sport gets total props. I know why you do it and everything, but does it really make that much of a difference in time? I guess I could see it slicing some time if you're a hairy beast or something :P

You'll be on the podium before you know it ;) Looks like a great workout!

Gotta Run said...

Sounds like the wheels are turning in that crazy mind of yours. With all the advice you are absorbing you will figure it out before your next event.

You are the podium!!!

Can't wait to get the Wellness results from your visit today. You and Mendy are both rockin' it!

Mendy said...

Marcy's right, David! By the end of the yr, you'll be up there, and I'll be snapping pictures!

I think you're right. It's focus, you're thinking too much while swimming. Of course, this is coming from someone that hasn't been in an OWS at all, so you may want to take my advice and shove it. But, maybe visualization will help. While swimming, visualize yourself in the Y pool, instead of in a "Race". I don't know exactly what will help - but you'll figure it out.

Great times, you were passing me like I was swimming backwards. Next time, I'll make sure there's a lane between us, so it doesn't make me feel that SLOW. :-)

Mendy said...

Ahhh... Looks like my buddy Robin and I are blogging at the exact same time! I agree, Robin! And... I'm quite nervous about today's appt. I'm not down as much weight as I had hoped by this time - we'll see.

J~Mom said...

Great job on your workout! As soon as I get serious about my swimming I will be coming here for tips! Sounds like you were quite the vision today. :>)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the workout.

There is one other possibility. The triathlon courses could be mis-measured and the swim is longer than what it is advertised at. That happens quite a lot with open water swim races, especially sprint distances where attention to exact measurements seams to become more optional.

You might try finding someone from a competative swimming background who did the race and ask them if it was short or long. They will know because they have a real good sense for swim distances. I always defer to my friend Chris Aikman who is a swim coach for ASU and one of the best swimming triathletes in the state. He always knows if it was correct or not.