Thursday, May 24, 2007

Self inflicted fitness

Wow, I feel beat down! The intensity at work has picked up this week, but that has actually left me feeling rewarded and as if I've accomplished something. No, this is from the intense exercise ramp-up I'm imposing on myself to make the most of the 3 weeks in between the last sprint triathlon and my next tri, an Olympic distance (1500m swim, 26 mile bike, 10k run). Just so happens we also had our YMCA WellnessWorks appointment today. Not much in-and-of its self, but a taxing segway between intense workouts.

At lunch I busted out a nice little brick. The winds were nice at about 6-9mph, partly cloudy, and mid to upper 70's. Peeeerrrrfect! I wasn't looking to set any PRs, just a solid brick with my normal routes. The bike is a light to moderately hilly 14.7-ish route that rewards with at least one downhill tailwind section, but plenty of headwind uphills. There are also a few "gotcha" traffic lights that usually strike at the least opportune times. The run route starts with a nice climb out of the neighborhood, then flat for just over a half mile, then down and up some short hills, flat on the return, and back down toward the house, heart pounding out the chest and sweat blinding me. Well, at least recent with the increased temps and pace.

14.65 miles in 42:13 @ 20.82mph average (caught at least 3 red lights)
45.48s transition
2.4 miles in 16:35 @ 6:55/mile

Back to work, quite pleased at the ease at which I had attained those numbers (6-7 rpe), I replenished lost calories and water (I lost 4 lbs during the brick!) and wrapped up some loose ends. Escaped the office a few minutes early and got home at the same time as Mendy. We walked up to get the toddler terror, and got ready for the gym. Man, I'm hungry again. Sitting in the office, now about 6 PM, I'm feeling like I hadn't eaten in FOREVER! It had actually been about 3 hours, but since I eat small amounts just about constantly (which has helped boost my metabolism), this was quite a stretch. Ah, some Gatorade for calories!

I wasn't sure how hard I was going to do the WellnessWorks tests, since I planned to jam out a quick 1000yd swim afterwards. I wound up setting a record of sorts, or at least the highest overall score (and several individuals) that the fitness coordinator, Christine, had seen. Woo hoo! I wound up doing 70 bench presses of 80lbs (as many as you can do, at a determined tempo, unlimited time) and 80 half sit-ups. Not bad, considering my recent activity. My body fat was still at 10% somehow. Oh well, I'll take it. Resting HR was 50 and BP was 108/70. Sweet!

On to the pool: it was pretty packed. A nice older lady let me share her lane. I was thankful, but had to keep dodging her and the haphazard dude in the next lane. (in my best Napoleon Dynamite) IDIOT! Gosh! It wasn't the easiest swim, but I kept a decent pace and tried to concentrate on stroke efficiency. Plus, I was back in the royal blue olive smugglers!

1000yds in 16:46 @ 1:41/100yds

By default, we again chose Mexican food, which entails a gigantic DosXX for me! Like the Red Stripe guy says: Hooray beer! Good meal, Grace was in a great mood, and we had sure exercised a good bit today. Time to go home. Mendy gets the crazy idea of running home, but fears she may un-swallow by the time she gets there. I convinced her to hold onto that thought, let it burn in her (the feeling of meeting the goal, but wanting to do a touch more), and let that feed tomorrow's efforts. And we also agreed to jog to the Mexican place soon with Grace in the jogging stroller, eat, and slog (slow jog) back. Mendy asked if I would stay with her on the way there, and I asked if she would stay with ME! Then I joked that my stroller pace was probably 7:30/mile. Yeah, lost some points there. She knows I'm kidding around, and that I would stay with her. Besides, she doesn't give herself enough credit and certainly doesn't tap into her potential...yet.

Tomorrow I think I may try some LSD. No, not Scott's favorite cereal topping, but rather some Long Steady Distance. Not too intense, since I plan to do the Saturday morning group ride at the LBS (Local Bike Shop) and maybe a brick run after with/somewhere behind the G-Man. Take care, and see you all later...


J~Mom said...

Awesome job on your brick!! I can't wait to try some of those!! Not long now! You got so much done today! Very cool!

To answer your question about bike riding, I am so much more aware of my core now then I was even a month ago. I feel like I am trimming down so much faster with the longer-ish rides then I was with just running. I do think though that the strength training at pt has had an enormous impact already on my legs. After 11 miles tonight I seriously wanted to just ride and ride. For months before I was bogged down at 4 and 5 miles and my quads would just totally wear out by the end. Anyway, yes, lots of new and stronger muscles. I love to ramble about this stuff. :>)

I cannot find a duathlon in my area or I would be signing up for one this fall. My swimming is going to be slower coming along if I don't join a gym so for now my tri has to wait awhile.

Mendy said...

Wow, what a day yesterday was. I'm still tired, but overall not sore. Thanks for the compliments on my improvement. Yea, Mexican and running RIGHT afterward - scared of that right now. You had a great workout day. Great time on the brick today! I'm impressed that your legs aren't dragging those first few steps as far now. You're doing fantastic!! Keep up the momentum (but, hang a rest day in there soon).

Marcy said...

Darn, that wasn't the LSD I was thinking :P Cause I'd sure as heck want some of that after that workout LOL

Seriously, with all the effort and hard work you've been putting in, I wouldn't be surprised if you did end up making it to the podium this coming triathlon. And if not this one, the one shortly there after :)

And most definitely Mendy will be right there with you at that 7:30 pace, before too long!!!

Wes said...

Oh god! Even thinking about running after eating Mexican makes me want to hurl! Wise decision on Mendy's part and sage advice from you :-)

Man, you are a running machine. Nice...

Gotta Run said...

Wow... 10% body fat. I am 8%... yeah right?!?!

You are correct that Mendy needs to go easier on herself and give herself some credit. She will reach her goals before she knows it.

Mexican food and beer.... YUM!!!

Your workouts sound strong. You are going to rock your next Tri for sure. The new distance will be a nice change for you.

Jason The Running Man said...

I'll take your 10%! Your putting in great work keep it up!